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The Bears Den: August 27th 2010 Edition


Where the team is a question mark, and we're ok with that.

Peppers takes pride in all-around ability - He continues to be a big scary man.

Toeaina lets impact plays do the talking - He's slowly making a name for himself. If he can perform well, between Harris and Peppers and himself, the Izzy/Mark experiment should be able to do whatever it feels like.

A real feather in Bears' cap - Best pick Angelo ever made? Quite possibly.

You know, my cousin Walter followed WCG on Twitter one time. True story...
Bears' Clark: 18-game season too long - Video of Dez saying it's too much. Too, too much.

Hillenmeyer gets another chance to prove his worth - Opportunity number 327: primed and ready.

Chicago Bears: Major Wright eager to show what he can do - I want him back on the field so bad I might cry.

Chicago Bears have big problems - Danny Mac suggests doom. Perhaps even gloom.

Cards game important for bubble players - Players who might not make the team have a lot to prove in the preseason. Thanks for the crackerjack reporting, ESPN.

Peppers sacks tag as pure pass rusher - Or is he? *insert ominous music*

Pompei: Vikings struggling to find Favre targets - Aw, poor babies. I feel bad for them, honestly, I do.

Best part of this video? They replay the clip 10 times: