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Preseason Game #3 Open Thread: Cardinals at Bears


Soldier Field
7:30pm CT FOX
Sirius Channel: 91 Revenge of the Birds

Two games into the preseason isn't time to panic, but Bears fans haven't exactly seen too much excitement thus far either. The OL, which was one of the worst units in the league last year, still looks like it has some work to be done to get ready for the regular season. Hopefully, with the Two Mikes, we can see some big strides of improvement in a small amount of time.

Both teams' starters will see action into the second half, so tonight's game will be a good litmus test for real-game scenarios. The Cardinals are searching for answers at the QB position, and the Bears are just looking to keep their QB off of his back.

Here's to an injury-free game of progress and performance. It's game day!