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Chicago Bears vs Arizona Cardinals Recap

Well.  Um. O.K.  This is what I have.  We played a football game tonight.  By we, I mean the Chicago Bears.  Just to be clear.  The team took the field. No, really they did.  Then some things happened.  Then the Bears lose at home (again) 14-9.  Then it was over.  Much like our hopes for this season.  O.K. not quite that bad, but close.

Total net yards were 339 (Ari) to 292 (Chi)  Not too bad overall until you consider that Anderson went  7 of 12 for 94 yds AND a td against the Bears #1 defense.  You know, THAT Derrick Anderson.  Hightower carried the ball 8 times for 62 yds or an average of 7.8 ypc.   The Bears gave up way too many 3rd down conversions (53%).   Jay Cutler actually completed 50% of his passes in spite of being sacked 14 4 times facing Arizona's vaunted pass rush while throwing 2 picks.  So far we're giving up far more sacks than we're causing in spite of Marinelli AND Tice being Lovie's proclaimed gurus.  Robbie Gould missed 2 FG attempts.  One blocked, and one ....?   We (by we, I mean the Bears  "backup" running back Chester Taylor) ran the ball well, gaining 36 yds on 5 carries.  Dan LeFevour lit it up by scoring the only Bears touchdown of the preseason game. And Leinart went 9-10 while Lance Briggs left the game with a sprained ankle.  Brian Urlacher better step it up HUGELY or we're in for an interesting ("ahem")  year.  That's it at a glance.  Dig in.