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The Bears Den: August 30, 2010

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...where perceptions vary, but the obvious is unavoidable.

A quick recap of the Super Bowl Bears reunion at Ditka's Golf Classic.

The team's official site says that there is plenty of time to improve.

Brad Biggs says that time is running out to improve.

Biggs also looks at how the roster cuts might get started.

Early indications are that LB Briggs won't miss season opener.

Dan Pompei breaks down the film from Saturday's game.

John "Moon" Mullin offers his latest insights on CSNChicago.

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Must read: PFF looks at the Bears-Raiders game.

David Haugh has a less-than-optimistic approach to what he's seen.

USA Today's most recent Team Report.

Neil Hayes says that we don't need to panic. Okay.

Kevin Seifert breaks down Week 3 of the preseason for the NFCN.

Hyperbole much? My least-favorite article today, on drawing baseless conclusions.