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The Best of the Chicago Bears in Game Thread. Even Better than the Game Itself... Unfortunately.

<strong>The 'Three Wise Men" look on as the Bears play on Saturday.  One should be covering his eyes, the next his mouth, and the last,  his ears.  It could be that kind of season folks.</strong>
The 'Three Wise Men" look on as the Bears play on Saturday. One should be covering his eyes, the next his mouth, and the last, his ears. It could be that kind of season folks.

But first I’d like to give you my take.  It’s only the preseason, the Bears didn’t really have a game plan, in '85 we were 1-3 in the preseason, it was a meaningless matchup with nothing on the line, we need to look for the positives, so everyone just step back from the ledge.  Yes, these are all things I’m really getting sick of hearing.  Because if we were doing fine NO ONE WOULD BE SAYING THEM!  You only hear these things from the extreme optimists when things are going really, really badly and no one wants to say the unthinkable. So I'll remain neutralish.  I won’t say the unthinkable at this time.  But I think we all know things are not peachy keen in Halas Hall right now.

Let's take a look at a few of the positives we can take away from this game.  Jay Cutler remains remarkably uninjured in spite of the offensive line doing its best to get him killed.  I just hope he didn’t spend too much on any Christmas gifts for his guys.  Chris Williams didn’t give up every sack and Chester Taylor looks like he’s got something left in the tank, too bad he had to create his own cut back on that long run.  Johnny Knox is rapidly becoming my favorite Bear. And no one died.  Anything I forgot?  Oh yeah, Lovie is still confident!!  Thanks for that....

Now for the negatives.... When I looked at  kjbrei ilfbali...  Sorry my brain feels a massive overload and I may stroke out if I stay on this line of thinking so let’s get to your comments instead....

Juicebox:  C'mon Bears!  big rocks:  can the oline stop anything…even a nose bleed?

can mark anderson locate his pass rush?

Let’s just say the jury's out on that one....

Adam T:  Off topic  A FF draft some of my coworkers did this past Thrusday one of the guys tried to draft Moose. On Monday, I’m wearing my Moose jersey so we can all joke him about it.

Ditkavsworld:  Didn't he die?  You know because he came to Chicago.

This bit of humorous blasphemy

CloudyFuture:  Marinelli sayshe did no game planning for this game. They will play defense the right way…..Whatever that means…..K Bell is the number 3 RB now….

Ditkavsworld:  So WTF did they do all week if they have no gameplan.

Kev H:  They played an impressive amount of cribbage.  They also drank chocolate milk, and read the bible.

Adam T:  Are you suggesting Jesus can't throw a spiral?

Ditkavsworld:  If Tim Tebow can Jesus can

Adam T:  Aren't they one in the same?

Ditkavsworld:  Ditka says no and he'd know since you know Jesus is his son and all.  That almost feels wrong to type.

I had some general random thoughts as I read this that with all of our discussions of no "running streams" we collectively sound like an ongoing commercial for a prostate supplement.

Trfabotta:  Hilarious they are still kicking away from Hester, don’t they know that Hester died and we buried him???

Kev H:  Matt Forte realizes he's not Kitty Pryde, right?  Like..he can’t just run into the back of someone, and phase through them.

This led to a long discussion of the X men with no mention of Nightcrawler.  What the hell people???

Kev H:  My favorite part is when the QB can’t move out of the pocket because they slip and fall on the solid ground at soldier field.

Adam T:  Ok, everybody who is watching on TV wait 15 seconds before you reply. This link is on a small delay")

wilsoneads:  These are two really bad teams.

I should have known at that moment I should just quit watching.  Can someone help me out...  Why is Hester our #1?

No one came up with the correct answer.  His contract.

After a holding call

Tfrabotta:  place gun in holster shoot self in foot…

DaHamsta:  Now we're not Plax here

Ditkavsworld:  He didn't have a holster just sweat pants

DaHamsta:  We're better on 3rd and short  Than third and long

Turns out he was absolutely correct.

Acreman20:  The 2010 Chicago Bears... Where me make Derek Anderson look like "that gosh darned" <edit> Tom Brady!

Kevin insists on consistant swearing on his game threads as evidenced here.

Kev H:  Game Thread  You can swear for reals.

Spongie:  Big hairy donkey balls!  There, I said it.

I love the following:

Bears-Cubs Bulls:  Briggs ankle in the locker room unsure for the remainder

Kev H:  The rest of him is there too.  In case there was any confusion.

Comeback of the evening:

Adam T:  My head hurts and my eyes are bleeding

Ditkavsworld:  Good thing you aren't doing anything like working.

Ditkavsworld:  Fitzgerald is abusing us  what that’s not Fitz you say? Who the "Shucky Darns" <edit>  is Steven Williams.

tfrabotta:  3rd and 18  right where they want us

T-Train:  Did the Bears really just stop someone on third and long?  Fan-"dandy"<edit>-tastic……….I am overwhelmed with a new-found optimism….

Kev H:  Angels just came down from heaven  and blessed Derek Anderson with the powers of Brian Griese.

In response to someone wanting to know how we we’re playing tonight we have this gem:

tfrabotta:  you might not want to watch go enjoy your evening..i know, like watching a car crash..

Ditkavsworld:  Gilbert in yet, I'm sure if he jumps out of a pool that'll get everyone fired up.

After a lengthy discussion about what adult beverages we were all consuming:

Adam T:  I'm too drunk to drink

T-Train:  Tommie who? Nice to meet you, Mr Harris. We used to have a guy like you back in ’06. I wonder what happened to him……

Again by T-Train and this almost reads like poetry

T-Train:  Watching this mess and drinking reminds me of the old bar hopping days.....I keep thinking I can drink until the Bears look good, but I fear acute intoxication will take me before that happens at this rate………….I’m not usually a "out on the ledge" type guy, but………the breeze sure looks nice out there right now………

I’ve often thought it but never posted it:

Adam T:  Can you all stop commenting way up there so I can stop scrolling down every 5 seconds?:)

This bit.  BTW are you two available for kid’s parties?

Ditkavsworld:  You really don't know who David Taylor is?  The Elvis of the Graphic Arts world?

David Taylor:  I hope I don't die photoshopping a toilet.

Higgins:  "And the Bears will be forced to punt."  I hear that way too much.

DaHamsta chimed in every time Bell got the ball and did anything even remotely questionable.  I’m starting to pull for Wolfe to make the roster for fear over what he (Hamsta) might do if Wolfe doesn’t.  For instance:

DaHamsta:  Wolfe would of cut it outside for a TD

Bears-Cubs Bulls:  Imagine ur dad saying this every sunday for the past 30+ years

Payton would have gotten the 1st down, Sayers would have scored…..rinse repeat.

Bears-Cubs Bulls:  Im done with this  Im going to chant "its only pre-season" every minute until the 12th, Later WCG.

Then we have an absolute tirade on the merits of Wolfe including intense insight into collegiate conference play and value vs...  hell I’m not sure anymore but it went on forever....  It was still going on "today"  (Monday)  Answer:  You all lose/win and are correct/wrong on many points.  Take your pick and I've got your back.  

Ditkavsworld:  Well have a good night ladies. I'm out like a fat kid in dodge ball.

When asked what we (as Bears fan's) plan to watch this season (if the Bears really do suck) this was the best answer hands down.  I'll give it the post of the night as I try to stay "optimistic"....

I love football:  I don't care if they go 0-16 I will still watch every minute.

And we’ll wrap it up with that.  Nice job again ladies and gents.  Join us next week (and chime in on the game thread) as the Bears face the Browns.  Win or lose, Ditka help us all....