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Brett Favre. Drama vi-King

I’m not going to even say it. With the way Brett Favre changes his mind, I don’t want to put in print that the 19 year veteran quarterback is retiring or not.

To be fair, most of this hoopla is driven by the media. In a very slow period for sports: Tigerless golf and scandal, no major injuries to report in any of the 32 NFL training camps, the other spoiled athlete has already made his "Decision" and well, baseball is baseball; there has to be something for the sports masses to discuss while waiting for this weekend’s riveting Hall of Fame game.

Last season, all of the talk during the off season was about our new strong armed quarterback Jay Cutler. But Favre couldn’t handle a young brash uber-talented quarterback stealing his thunder.  I kid, I have no idea what runs through the head of a hick from Mississippi, besides the pain killers of course.

Brett can have the days of summer; Jay will have Labor Day through Valentine’s.

I couldn't care less whether Favre retires or not. Honestly, he has earned the right to play as long as he physically and mentally wants to. I think that will be in the literal sense.

I also couldn't care less because the Chicago Bears will win the NFC North division regardless of what any other team or player does in the league.

Would it mean a little more if #4 is behind center? Sure it does. For the simple fact that Minnesota Vi-Queen fans will have no fall out. No excuses. They can’t say that they missed the playoffs because of Tarvaris Jackson and Sage Rosenfels, or whomever else they might have to pick up off the street to close out the season. Former Vikings QB’s Jeff George and Daunte Culpepper have already been pumped into the rumor mill main stream.

No, the Vikings fans will have to live with the fact that though they have a very good team, they have star players with major flaws.

It would be unfair for me to ramble on about the flaws of players on a team I despise.

We all remember Week 16 of last season. A much weaker than this year's Bears team exposed an over confident Vikings team, and gave us all an inkling of what 2010 has in store.

Brett Favre will play football as long as he physically can. If that happens to be at the start of this season, let’s propose the retirement question to him again after Week 10.

His 295 (309 including playoffs) games started streak is one of the most amazing, toughest, impressive streaks in all of sports. Even though he is one of the greatest athletes in any sport in any era, sadly Favre may be tarnishing his "Legend" by teasing NFL players more so than Kim Kardashian.

His off season stunts the last two seasons has Favre toeing a very fine line, and I don’t mean the goal line.