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2010 Chicago Bears Game Changers: Patrick Mannelly

(Note: This post is in no way related to the Sprint 2010 GameChangers Series. I just wanted to have a good time.)

Mr. Patrick Mannelly: the stalwart veteran, leader of the special teams lines. A man I have witnessed in video long snapping a ball into a car.

He will be a gamechanger in 2010. Why, you might ask, would I draw attention to the skills of a player so crafty at staying out of the spotlight?

He's that good, that's why.

Through all standard channels, we can pretty much agree that Mannelly is awesome. Anyone who comes to the site today and tries to tell me otherwise will be cursed and banned until Dane and Adam realize what I'm doing and take away my key to the banhammer closet.

Think about it though... he's involved in a lot of crucial situations. There's a lot of talk of Robbie Gould's success (I mean, Lester A. Wiltfong, Jr. thought that he was tenth most important), but who's getting the ball to Maynard's hands for Robbie to kick it? You're g-dang right, it's Patrick "The BAMF" Mannelly.

For over a decade, as we've watched offenses that couldn't get first downs if they were gifted to them by Thor himself (I'm looking at you, Ron Turner), who snapped the ball to Brad Maynard for the best punts you've ever seen? Yeah, of course it's Patrick "He'll steal your wife and make you feel good about it" Mannelly.

There is one drawback, though, one great blemish he shall have to overcome. Sometimes he's not sure how many men in helmets should be on the field.  So let us take this time to remind him now: It's 22, sir. 22.

(Special Author's Note: Don't tell him I wrote this. I'm fairly certain he could kill me by snapping a ball at me from 30 yards away and I'd never know what was coming.)

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