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The Bears Den: August 6th, 2010 Edition

Peppers impressing coach on all levels

Bruce to help school Bears wide receivers

Video: Dungy on Lovie: I know his players believe in him 

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Cutler watch: Windy conditions hurt accuracy - It really is harder to throw the ball when it's windy. I'll vouch for that.

Camp update: Bears work on two-minute drills - And by most accounts, they didn't look terrible.

Chicago Bears: Tommie Harris should provide lift - Wait, but if we have 2 or more good defensive lineman, then we have the fundamental core of what the defense is based on...I see what they did there.

Chicago Bears Day 7 Summary: Two-Minute Drill - Sean Jensen said they look pretty decent, too.

Entering his eighth NFL season, Lance Briggs is soaking it all up - And he's set to destroy fools. I'm calling it now - Lance Briggs interception for a touchdown, week 4. Book it. Done.

Peppers relishes his fresh start - Chicago Bears Blog - He's so big. As a reporter, I'd probably end up lobbing him softball questions so that he didn't rip my face-off. I don't want to have to swap faces with John Travolta or Nicholas Cage.

Bears All Access " WSCR-AM - I highly recommend you listen to Bears all access. You can find it streaming at 670  The Score on Thursdays at 7pm ET (6pm CT). It's great, because there's always some players giving you some insight into what they're seeing, and what they're doing. And Zach "The Ginger-Haired Genius" Zaidman never fails to ask some good questions.