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Yet Another WCG Milestone: 3 Million Visits!

Sometime a few hours ago, Windy City Gridiron hit yet another milestone: 3 million total website visits! It took a few years to reach the 1 million mark, and then reached 2 million about a year later. Now, it only took a few months to get to 3 million.

Why is this happening so fast? Two reasons: our members, and our writers. More specifically, the culture of WCG has significantly changed in the last couple of years, and changed for the good. We saw a huge upswing in membership about 18 months ago, and it took several months to get everything under control. The biggest factor in being able to control the chaos was all of you.

Windy City Gridiron has established itself as the premier website on the internet to intelligently discuss Chicago Bears football. There really is no real competitor. Our members here are typically more mature, more intelligent, and more courteous than other blogs and open forum-type websites. And a very, very big thank you to our members for establishing that culture.

The other part I'd like to mention is our staffers. Kev, HoneyBear, Mike Mueller, Just Dave, Jacob Hayes, Lester Wiltfong, Jr., David Taylor, NiqueBears, and Mark Saade... that is a superstar lineup that is unmatched anywhere else you'll ever go.

Kev brings a very witty sense of humor, and a very cool-headed approach to his posts and when he is moderating different threads. HoneyBear started the Bears History posts, and each one of those are absolutely amazing reads. She also helps keep all of the front page content edited. Mike Mueller has a great understanding of the statistical side of things, and when he brings the knowledge, he brings it big time. Just Dave has just recently joined the staff as a writer, but has been contributing intelligent discussion and an outstanding sense of humor for almost two years now.

Jacob Hayes has a writing style that always makes people smile. He has a great sense of humor, and has a very level-headed approach with his interaction in the threads. Lester Wiltfong, Jr. should be doing this for a living. He has carried the website on his shoulders at times, and I can't express in words how valuable he has been to us. David Taylor brings an element to WCG that you won't find anywhere else with his amazing graphics skills. He has added a ton of value to who we are as a website, and we are very lucky to have him on board.

NiqueBears is the most recent addition to our crew, but he has been contributing top-notch FanPosts for months now. His posts are very insightful, and always garners a lot of discussion from the masses. Finally, Mark Saade. Mark has a ton of talent, and his writing style represents exactly who we are as a website: creative, unique, and intelligent. And, of course that Adam T guy. We are all here because of his years of work getting this website up and running, and for never giving up on it. Thanks a bunch Adam.

I don't have the ability to say how much we all appreciate the efforts of our staff week after week. They keep showing up and doing amazing work, and every bit of their time is donated to us.

Between our amazing members and our unbelievable writers, we have formed an amazing community here at Windy City Gridiron. Thank you all so much for coming back day after day and supporting us. We truly could not ask for anything better.

Here's to the next million visits!