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Monday Afternoon Chicago Bears Haiku

For some strange reason, I had a request at the end of last week to answer a question in the form of a haiku. Then, this began to interest me, so I've written some haiku about the game yesterday. I'll give you a little sampling of it now, and you can check out the rest after the jump

Warm day with the sun
Fans in blue and orange garb
Football has come back

Field re-sod and new
Detroit is scared and shy
Fifty-four destroys

Need to punt the ball
Mannelly snaps to Maynard
Coffin Corner Kicks

Lions back to pass
Backus becomes a turnstile
Pep ends Stafford game

Deep in Lions den
Briggs runs fast through the linemen
Fumble at the one

Ball is on the turf
Tommie grabs and stumbles over
Next time just fall down

First play for Olsen
Catches then fumbles the ball
Hands made of charmin

Bears Territory
Screen to Forte out of play?
Inconclusive View

Last down and goal line
Wall of Lions proud and tall
Kick the effing ball

End of game prevent
The Megatron makes the catch
No, wait, just kidding

Dallas game next week
Their O-line made of swiss cheese
Kev predicts five sacks

What do you think? What's some ancient japanese poetry among fans?