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Thoughts From NFL Week 1: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Yeah this is primarily a Bears site, but I'd say most of us are NFL fans.  And as intelligent NFL fans, I'm sure we all have some thoughts.  So here are some of my thoughts and observations after the first Sunday of action in the National Football League.  (If you're like me, does your inside voice get all deep and slow when you say "National   Football  League").

1)  The Chicago Bears are 1-0 not 1*-0...  it is what it is.  The Detroit Lions got hosed, but the rule was interpreted correctly.  Rule book says no catch, my eyes says catch.

2)  Sticking with the Bears Lions game, Chicago newcomer Julius Peppers and Lions rookie Ndamukong Suh are beasts.

3)  The trendy Super Bowl pick, the Dallas Cowboys, looked nothing like that in week 1.  So either they're all hype, or the Washington Redskins are better than most people think.

4)  After turning over so many faces on their roster, I was shocked to see the Seattle Seahawks crush the San Fransisco 49ers.  I wonder how short of a leash 49er QB Alex Smith is on now after that game?

5)  Can someone explain to me how Kevin Kolb is starting over Michael Vick?  I'd bet Eagle fans are ready to turn the page on the Kolb era.

6)  Who is Arian Foster?  His first name looks like he's missing a "d", but that's ok, because the Indianapolis Colts were missing their "D" also.  (Insert rim shot here)

7)  Does Wes Welker have a bionic knee?  Nine months after that injury and he doesn't miss a beat.

8)  I thought the play calling from Sean Payton was brilliant in the second half of the Saints game Thursday night.  On a side note; can Brett Favre play every Thursday night?  It was nice not being force fed any Favre news/highlights this weekend.

9)  WR Steve Breaston showed why the Arizona Cardinals were OK with trading away Anquan Boldin.  Great TD saving play after an AZ fumble, not to mention his career best 132 yards receiving on 7 catches.

10)  Should NFL Coaches stretch and warm up with the their team?  Atlanta Falcons coach Mike Smith pulls something calling a timeout.  Link will pop for your viewing pleasure.

What do you think?  What are some other thoughts that you had this weekend?  Let us all in on your geniusness of all things NFL.

* I had to sneak in a bonus observation for all the Bears fans.  The Bears currently have the #1 offense in yards gained (tied with the Colts), and the #2 defense in yards allowed (2 yards behind the Dolphins).

Extra bonus link: Join John "Moon" Mullin for a live chat tonight at 7pm CDT. Take advantage of this, as it is an opportunity to get all sorts of Bears goodness from one of the best in the biz.