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The Bears Win!! (We did win, right?) Your Best of WCG Game Thread.

This time the game thread counted.  And we won.  Maybe in spite of ourselves.  Say what you want about the game on Sunday.  Give me your controversial endings.  Let’s talk turnovers and sloppy play.  Going for it on 4th.  Five attempts from the one yard line and one field goal to show for it.  Oh, and let's give the field turf we much malign an assist for the INT by Tillman.  The receiver just simply went DOWN.  At times on Sunday I felt more confused than Johnny Knox running a timing route and about as comfortable as Jay Cutler in the pocket.  But you know what, we won anyway.  So I spent all day on Monday sifting through more than 2,000 comments to come up with a handful of gems.  A few more of my thoughts, followed by the best of your comments, including an academy awards best of section, after the jump.

A sm all rant (and I’d appreciate your thoughts) before we get this show on the road.  I’m sick of the "roughing the passer" calls in the NFL.  The two I witnessed on Sunday were silly and frivolous to say the least.  And I don’t mean silly and frivolous like an Elton John wardrobe.  I mean there is no room for such calls in the game of professional football.  Why does the quarterback merit any kind of special treatment?  Why isn’t "unnecessary roughness" a good enough call for every player on the field?  Other than the fact that the quarterback usually cashes the biggest check why should he be treated any differently?  How is a tap on his helmet any different than a slap to a receiver’s helmet or a club to a running back?  Yet those plays get tolerated because it’s part of the game.  I think the "unnecessary roughness" call is there to prevent people from making deliberately vicious hits on any player regardless of position.  If those two roughing calls in Sundays game seemed malicious or designed to injure the QBs than by all means throw the flag.  But if you saw what I saw, let 'em play.


Enough of my crap.  Let’s look at yours.



Cloudy Future:  Hmmmm  Thom Brennaman, Brian Billick….guess its the radio for me….


Lopey986:  thank god i bought a 30 pack  i have a feeling im gonna need it.


SJS_illini:  Is this that "Offense" thing people keep talking about?


T-Train:  Nice catch by Hester right after a nice catch by DA  I’m not sure that I recognize this, but I think they call it a passing game…

Cosmis:  he's 6'8 how the hell is supposed to hit someone without hitting them in the head?


Allie:  he's a qb  you’re NOT supposed to hit him, duh.


After a debate as to who was to blame for the INT and ensuing Lions TD we get.


lawyeti:  ok they all "fudged" (edit)  up  except pat and robbie, those guys are solid


SJS_illini:  This is gonna be a shootout.  Best’s legs, Stafford’s arm, Gould’s leg.


JoCro:  I'm loving how the ATDHE feed is at least a full play behind the comments

Gives me fair warning on when I can look and when I need to cry into my drink.


Cosmis:  Welcome to the NFL Jahvid Best  meet your ambassadors, Brian Urlacher, Lance Briggs and Julius Peppers


wilsoneads:  Has Cutler ever smiled?  Outside of when he’s out drinking?  if you played behind that line, would u?


Allie:  who wants someone who smiles while losing?


JoCro:  Lovie Smith?


Allie:  all the more reason for total regime change.


JoCro:  Ok, new plan Mannelly lines up at center. Maybe if Jay takes it 15 yards deep he won’t get hit.


Juperee:  Don't worry, Coach Smith will give a powerful speech and refocus the team at Halftime  hahahahahahahahahhahahahahah


Bearnecessities:  whoever turns the ball over next gets cut, on the field


Torch:  burned by a 3rd down slant never saw that coming


SJS_illini:  Really, we didn't gameplan for this one...  It’s just preseason, we’ll come back and gameplan next week and we’ll implement more of the offense.  Someone tell Lovie the preseason is four games instead of six?


Cosmis:  Well would you look at that.  It’s almost like if you put two hands on the ball you have a better chance of holding on to it…


TheMan1:  Someone get Lovie on the headset  It’s OK to smile when Forte busts a 89 yard run


Chitownproduct:  If it was Sean Payton  He would be doing the electric slide.


Torch:  You can't ice  Solid Gould!


Awfullyquiet:  dear logan mankins  would you be interested in a fine silver platter? we’ll name a lake after you.


CloudyFuture:  Zaidman  reporting this half to feature Garrett Wolfe exclusively…..Wait what? Oh that was the dream I had after reading some posts here…..


For a minute I thought we we’re talking poker when I read....


Doshi:  Beautiful pocket flush, nice coverage.


TheMan1:  Anyone know when Martz's due date is?


JoCro:  Field position is overrated  99 yard drives are where it’s at


SJS_illini:  Cutler is one hell of a RB.


CosmisTillman  apparently has inner ear problems. He looked wobblier than a drunken co-ed.


TheMan1:  OK boys time to quit flipping (edit) around  We are playing the Lions after all, put up some points


TheMan1:  WCG  where our O-line is what we thought it was…… unfortunately


Cosmis:  Johnny Knox running the wrong route?  color me surprised…


Juperee:  Why would they call forte for the third time to try the same thing? Bad, bad playcalling.


Kreutzski:  Were happy with our offensive line..


TheMan1Lovie is that you?  Pay attention to the game you need it lol


Doshi:  Lovie needs a darned (edit) frontal labotomy.


Barkman:  And I need a bottle in front of me

Doshi:  If I were to meet Lovie Smith on the street randomly...  I would strangle his buttocks (edit) to death, and everybody around me would cheer.


BearNecessities:  if you did it in chicago  nobody would even arrest you


T-Train:  If you laid a hat in the street, people would drop money in it as they walked by.....


Kreutzski:  We've lost 8 yards so far...could be worse.  Maybe Lovie wants to test Robbie’s range?


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  We make that field goal earlier and we are still up by 1 Nertz to (edit) you Lovie


The remaining comments were mostly comments referring to the final call and thoughts on the after game reaction from both sides.  That said, here are the award winners (as determined by a panel of me, rigorously reviewed by me, than finalized by a vote by me).  Points will not be awarded, nor will prizes be claimed or offered (although I still firmly believe WCG should make T-shirts)  See official rules for details....


Academy Awards for the Best of.....


For the best comment made a LOT MORE AWKWARD with no frame of reference:


Cosmis:  it's a lot less intrusive.


Best "catch" of the night, or random observation;


62GTO:  was that an Apollo Creed sighting?


Best subtle prediction of the night;


BearNecessities:  If Urlacher plays all 19 games like this this will seal his HoF ballot


Intelligent comment of the night.  The voice of reason.


Allie:  Rather have 3  than a gut punch of a INT. Nice progress.


Astute observation of the night


Arbusto:  Urlacher has now played more than last season.


Best self edit by a normally mild poster


Juperee:  Holy flurking shnit


For most uniquely bizarre yet interesting post of the night we have....


HoneyBear:  AHHH!  GO BEARS!   Plus, last time I was here, we discussed good dog names related to Da Bears… GG and I were talking about another topic – songs.

It started because of the fact that Lady Gaga has a song about us – 

A-roma, Roma-ma… (shodu, sho-sho du) :P




Best comment on going for it on 4th down...


CloudyFuture:  If they dont get this they dont deserve to win  Plain and simple they do not deserve to win ….


Best conversation of the night.  (Words have been edited to protect the ignorant)


Doshi:  Defense is awesome


BearNecessities:  absolutely, take him out to the 50, and let the fans stone him


Doshi:  Stoning is too good for him... Drag his butt (edit) out into the middle of the danged (edit) Sahara with no water and leave him there…


BearNecessities:  lace the sahara with mines and you have a deal


Kreutzski:  "We like our desert.."


For the sentiment of the night after going for it on 4th we have...


BearNecessities:  The "heck with" (edit)  you lovie  


For the most "U"’s used in a 4 letter word after the "catch" at the end of the game;  I counted 42 by GtM.  Well over-reacted Sir.  Nice use of the keyboard.



Best Comment of the Night


Wilsoneads:  Packers lose?? But haven't you heard? They already won the superbowl.  According to ESPN.



GREAT STUFF!!  So far we have BearNecessities winning with Allie in the lead and a close first place finish goes to....  Doesn't matter but keep on playing people.... We all win in the end.  BTW.  Please read my opening comments and feel free to give your thoughts here.  


We’ll end the post with this thought...


BearNecessities:  Well the Sports Talk shows.... Will be interesting tomorrow….


Nuff Said....