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The Bears Den: September 14th, 2010 Edition


Where ifs and buts are candy and nuts

Martz, Marinelli get results in first game - To be fair, for the most part, both squads looked impressive.

Golden Rule: Smith, Bears see no need for change - And why would they? There's still going to be a change, though.

Aromashodu remains a hot target - Downright Sizzlin'.

Lovie defends call to run on fourth down - The Moon tells it as it is. Ok. Still, probably should've kicked.

Bears' use of Wright bodes well for rookie - Can I please get Wright and Harris on field? 

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Coach Lovie Smith stands by his Sunday decisions - Adamant that he'd do it again. Which guarantees the situation will come up again this season.

Bears tackle Tommie Harris doesn't hold grudge against Cowboys' Marc Colombo - But let's make sure to bring it up, just in case.

Chris Harris facing major competition for playing time at safety - Perhaps if you moved him back to SS this wouldn't be an issue.

Film sessions show Mike Martz tried to help offensive line - Anything you can do to help them out.

Bears have big problems, but the Cowboys are worse. - Bold strategy. I like it. If they have to start Barron at any point, Peppers' eyes are just going to get really wide and he's going to flat out beg Smith to put him on that side. Granted, Barron will probably just strangle him, but if he doesn't, lots of sacks for Jules!

That kind of Bears play won't cut it in the future - If only we could travel into the past...

A pretty good Jay Cutler in ugly Bears win - Yeah, pretty decent day for ole pouty-face, huh? Oh, and explain to me why I saw Rivers bitch and moan about calls all night last night, but he's just a great guy with a strong nose for the game.

On Further Review: Controversial calls - A look at some of the...erm...questionable playcalls made in Sunday's game.