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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews

Before I get into the grades and reviews, I want Bears fans to realize that we maybe have new rivalry brewing between Our Bears and the Lions. The Lions definitely look like a much improved ball club this season, and I feel they will be a pain in the Bears' side for years to come. The Bears offensive line had an ok day pass blocking this past Sunday, but run blocking was another story. Of course the highlight of that game, besides the obvious controversial call on Calvin Johnson, was the Bears O-line being man handled on all four downs on the goal line late in the fourth quarter. That's really unacceptable, and it caused me to give no Bears O-lineman a grade any higher than a C.

Chris Williams

Run Blocking: Grade C

Williams was average at best against Detroit run defense which is all you can ask for in a pure pass blocking Left Tackle. He had his moments in the game where both Forte and Taylor ran behind him and Garza and got 4 yards. I think all of us Bears fans want Williams to be a complete Left Tackle, but if he can be an above average pass protector while being just a competent run blocker we can accept that.

Pass Blocking: Grade C+

Going up against a high motor DE like Vanden Bosch, he did a decent job. You know a veteran guy like Vanden Bosch is going to give it his all on almost every play. So if you can at best contain him, I think you had a pretty good day. Of course Williams got a lot of help from the TE's and RB's (good job by Tice and Martz to game plan against him), but there were times where he handled Vanden Bosch on 1 on 1 situations and got the best of him.

Roberto Garza

Run Blocking: Grade C+

The blocking was the least spectacular in Sunday's game so no one is getting higher than a C+ in this week Grades and Review post. I can say for Garza that you rarely heard Cory Williams' name last Sunday, which is encouraging going into this Sunday's game at Dallas.

Pass Blocking: Grade B+

Cory Williams barely got any pressure on Cutler and you can thank Garza for doing a good job on him. Garza will have to be consistent next week, as he will see his fare share of Igor Olshansky, Keith Brooking, and DeMarcus Ware.

Olin Kreutz

Run Blocking: Grade C


"We got our [butt] kicked," Kreutz said. "They beat us down there. ... Your coach can't help you down there. ... It's not rocket science on the goal line. They call a play, and you've got to win down there, period."

"Is that acceptable? Do we have to get better at that? Yes. Can you win in the NFL every week if you're getting beat on the 1-yard line? No. These are all obvious statements."

Kreutz said it best, it was just unacceptable and going into this Sunday's game the Bears have to take advantage of opportunities like that.

Pass Blocking: Grade B

Kreutz did a good job protecting Cutler by helping out Louis on Suh at times and also containing any inside blitzes. The spotlight will be on Kreutz this Sunday as he will be facing one of the best 3-4 NT in the league in Jay Ratliff.

Lance Louis

Run Blocking: Grade C

It was an intense battle between him and Suh and they both got the best of each other, but Suh slightly won the war. I will be looking forward to their next battle December 5th at Detroit. Until then, Louis will have an even tougher test going up against DE Marcus Spears and helping Kreutz out on Jay Ratliff this up-coming Sunday.

Pass Blocking: Grade B

For the monster that Suh is, I honestly thought that Louis did a heck of a job against him in the pass blocking department. Of course Kreutz helped Louis out a fair amount, but Louis at times during the game held his own against Suh, and that should give the kid confidence heading into Dallas this Sunday against an even tougher defensive line in the Cowboys.

Frank Omiyale

Run Blocking: Grade D

Suh absolutely killed Omiyale in the first goal line stand, and that single play alone was the sole reason why Forte didn't get into the end zone on that play. It was just a bad afternoon for Omiyale, when looking back at the game he got pushed around a lot in the run game. That was disappointing because I'm sure Tice is counting on that right side of the line to be the strength in the rushing attack.

Pass Blocking: Grade C-

From last Thursday's Match-Up Post

"This Sunday he will be going up against Cliff Avril who, while is a good pass rusher, can at the same time disappear in games. I expect Omiyale to win this battle against a one dimensional defensive end. This is a match-up that Bears fans can feel fully confident about."

Um yeah, this really wasn't the case this past Sunday as Avril at time was having his way against Omiyale in passing situations. To add to that he also gave up a sack to Turk McBride when Avril went out due to an injury. I'm not giving up on my belief that Omiyale can be an effective pass protector, as I still believe he has the size, long arms, and skills to develop into a more consistent one. He will have to play a lot better this Sunday against a pretty good pass rusher in Anthony Spencer.