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The Inside Scoop: 15 Minutes With Chicago Bears Beat Writer Sean Jensen

Jensen_head_shot_small_mediumAs announced two days ago, there is a new feature coming to Windy City Gridiron - and today will be our first installment of having a local beat writer join our website and answer our questions directly.

Today at 3pm CT, Chicago Sun-Times columnist Sean Jensen will be joining us from the practice field, to answer questions directly in this thread.  Sean has a very hectic schedule, but has graciously agreed to stop in and interact with the greatest Chicago Bears fans on the planet.

Have questions about the 2010 season?  Maybe about personnel changes that we have seen?  What about reviewing the Lions game, or previewing the Cowboys game?  Please keep in mind, Sean will obviously not have time to answer everything, so the best way to get a response is to ask a quality question.

Please post your questions below.  Have fun!

Jensen also contributes to the Sun-Times blog Inside the Bears.  Make sure to head over and check it out.  Also, follow Sean on Twitter, as he constantly provides updates for all things Bears-related.