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The Bears Den, Friday September 17th Edition


If we go out there and half-ass it 'cause we're scared, then we'll always wonder if we were really good enough. But if we go out there and give it all we got...that's heroic. You guys wanna be heroes?


Marinelli believes Harris will be dominant player - Tommie. In case you were wondering.

Dallas Cowboys likely to take some shots at Chicago Bears nickel back D.J. Moore - They've got a nasty wide receiver set. If only someone here had talked about this just yesterday....

'Fire Lovie Smith' movement going strong -- as is the coach - Sean tells us about the drive to get Lovie gone.

Chicago Bears must account for Dallas Cowboys linebacker DeMarcus Ware - He's a big scary man. Not unlike our big scary man, you must plan for where he is at all times, lest he be ripping your quarterback's head off and drinking his spinal fluid.

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Julius Peppers: Chicago Bears defensive end Julius Peppers fined $5,000 - You know what I love about the NFL? A play where Peppers accidentally grazes Stafford's head costs him $5,000. A play where he ruined the left tackle's life and knocked Stafford out of the game for several weeks earns him a hearty "Huzzah!" from all of us and we go back on about our day.

RosenBlog: Martz takes responsibility, so what is he doing on Lovie Smith's staff? - Rosenbloom is noticing some things, and he's kind enough to write about them.

Lovie's plan: Insult media, fans as criticism continues - Solid tactics, I guess. I hope they work out for him

Radar must be fixed on Romo - Don't let Tony Romo beat you. Got it.

Romo dangerous when blitzed - No, seriously, DON'T let Tony Romo beat you.

Red zone a wasteland for Cowboys - Nice to know not everybody screws up there.

Remember when this happened? (Crappy video--sorry)