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Bears at Cowboys Pre-Game Open Thread

Hi everybody! Big game against "America's Team" (gag) today. Hang out here and check some Den-worthy links below the jump. We'll see everyone for a game thread at 11am EST (10am CST), and spend the rest of the day celebrating and/or complaining here this afternoon. Cheerios!

Completely side note:  Dane and I set the over/under for the number of times NBC shows Archie Manning tonight during the Colts/Giants game at 7.7 times. Feel free to include your pick.

Bears hope to stop mobile quarterback - Maybe they should throw a mildly (at best) talented blonde singer in front of him.

Chicago Bears' Mike Martz likely to use rail route to isolate Matt Forte against Dallas Cowboys - New WCG rule: You should probably just read it anytime Matt Bowen writes something for the Trib. Always insightful, and always well explained.

Jerry Jones playing in a palace - This story includes the below quote:

"I'm no George Halas — but you might say he's a role model of mine individually.''

A sentence more true has never been spoken.

Several in Chicago Bears family have emotional ties to Dallas Cowboys  - Cool. Do that all you want as long as you win today.

Four things to watch on Sunday - I like Brad Biggs, but one of the things is winning. That just made me laugh.

Chicago Bears scouting report: Tony Romo - He's been around. We all know what he's like.

Colombo saga a symptom for what ails the Bears - Hopefully, halfway through the game Colombo will go to Phillips and be like "Hey, coach, we should put the strangler back out there."

Bears' Harris takes Wright under his wing  - I believe he's taking him bowling.

Concussion repercussions - I feel terrible for Hillenmeyer. I hope he gets a long career with someone's organization.

Troy Aikman thinks Bears can be good, especially on defense - No word on if Joe Buck was sitting next to him, nodding and smiling politely.

A moment of levity for special teams coach - I wish Dave Toub were my cool uncle.

Bears must play disciplined in Dallas - Today's completely obvious suggestion brought to you by the good folks at ESPN.