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Thoughts From NFL Week 2: Chicago Bears and Beyond

The second weekend of the NFL season saw some great individual performances, a handful of great games, and some surprises.  And some games featured all three.  Here are some of my Week 2 thoughts.

1)  The Houston Texans have put AFC South defenses on notice.  After week 1 saw their run game pop off with Arian Foster going for 231 yards (a franchise record), week 2 had Matt Schaub go nuts with 497 yards passing (another franchise record).  If I'm making a football bet, my money's on Andre Johnson setting a franchise receiving record in week 3.

2)  The Bears were making some punishing hits on the Cowboy receivers, but the most punishing hit may have been the subtle "punch" by Charles Tillman knocking the ball from Roy Williams hands.

3)  If the Steelers swarming defense can play like that every week, they can dust off Bubby Brister to play QB and still pick up the W.

4)  That's the Seattle Seahawks team I was expecting.

5)  Staying with that game, Denver rookie WR Demaryius Thomas will make Bronco fans forget all about that guy they shipped to Miami.

6)  And speaking about Brandon Marshall, the 2-0 Dolphins are quite happy with the acquisition. 

7)  Don't look now, but Darren McFadden had 2 good games in a row.

8)  I get the Peyton Manning vs. Eli Manning hype, it's fun for the league, and an easy story line for NFL journalists, but I'd be more intrigued if it were brother vs. brother and one played defense and one played offense.  Is there really a contest when big bro is a 4 time league MVP and little bro has 1 pro bowl season under his belt?

9) LaDanian Tomlinson is in a perfect role for him at this stage of his career.  Good bounce back game by the Jets.

10)  Brett Favre is 0-2.  That is all.