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The Facts of Life... The Bears Rocked on Sunday and You Were There....

Well, well, well, ladies and gents it would appear that the Bears are 2-0.  After a highly entertaining game on Sunday, the Bears appear to be headed in the right direction. Lovie Smith was actually smiling after the game.  He showed teeth and everything!! Troy Aikman didn’t appear (to me) to hold any bias as he broadcasted the game but he did contribute heavily to my sense of confusion as he (repeatedly) referred to a punt as a field goal attempt.  I wasn’t sure we were watching the same game.  

Is it just me or did our offensive line get better after Williams got hurt?  Dane, you can hate all day long but I thought Kevin Shaffer looked serviceable. I’m not sure Brandon Manumaleuna can block any better than Greg Olsen but I am pretty sure I can gain more yards on a punt return than Hester did when he ran 22 yds for a 5 yard loss.  Hell, a fair catch would have been a better net.  But he did follow it up with a big time NFL caliber TD catch so ya take the good, ya take the bad, ya take em both, and then you have the best of the in game posts.  Again I’ll offer up the Academy Award finalists but enough of my crap - join me for the best of your crap after the jump....

We begin with this attack from Captain Obvious

Chitownproduct:  I read somewhere that the Bears have not won in these 3 stadiums  Texans stadium, Patriots stadium, and the new Cowboy’s stadium. Even if we lose this game, i want to show the world we are not a joke this year. Rise up and Bear Down!

Kev H (Capt O):   Well of course they haven't.  They haven’t played in it yet.

Allie:  Stockton is the worst announcer I've EVER heard  I’d rather have Ron Santo & Hawk Harrelson in a booth together for 4 hours than 10 minutes of Stockton.

awfullyquiet:  you just described my perfect hell.

Allie:  Why has Calvin Johnson caught so little crap about the "catch"? Don’t let go of the ball, and you win.  Mind-boggling.

T-Train:  Well gentlemen......The new wife will be back soon, and we’re headed up to the seclusion of our room to watch our first game as husband and wife on a brand new 46" LG that she made me buy because the Bears deserve to be watched on something bigger than the 32" we had in the room (I picked a good one, eh?)., I’ll talk to all of you tomorrow.! Bear Down!  BTW, Mrs. Train predicts Bears win 31-24!

"watch our first game as husband and wife".....  is that what they’re calling it these days?   


Smudgers:  All I'm saying is... I heard Buddy Ryan on the radio and then found a Butkus McFarlane "action figure" at the target (in South Carolina) today… feeling pretty optimistic!

Arbusto:  The oline looks like something I just left in the toilet.

Juicebox:  whatever is in your toilet could probably block better

Torch:  You leave Swiss cheese in the toilet?

tfrabotta:  Favre crunched on a sack!!!

Juicebox:  there is a god

pygreg:  and he hates jay cutler

pygreg:  Apparently Childress went for it on 4th and 2 earlier instead of taking a FG  Pass was batted down. NFC North = domain of excellent coaching

Smudgers:  Can we trade for Logan the middle of the game?

Chitownproduct:  challenge Lovie

David in Maine:  Lovie has been challenged his whole career.....

Awkward yet funny....

Arbusto:  I just peed a little  Knox…I want to have your babies as soon as I have a surgery to implant a uterus.



awfullyquiet:  we are who we thought they were?

torch:  Wade Phillips says I’m not getting out-bad-challenged today!!

Allie:  a quarterback  is such such an awesome thing. i never knew

Juicebox:  lovie is clapping and nodding...holy god

Then we have a long rant by yours truly to start the second half game thread.  Won’t toot my own horn but I was epically alone on this thread for far too long.


Arbusto:  If almost mattered The Lions win last week.

Allie:  oh for fresh's (edit) sake can we grow up?

Really Allie?  


Best typo:

62GTO:  just ass jack

Cosmis:  Does anyone else Really want to punch Joe Buck in the face?

Nando21:  no, but i would like a shot at lovie


Who says we’re not educational....

McRipper:  This offensive line  makes me want to eat my own stuff (edit)

Maelvampyre:  copraphilia

Bears-Cubs Bulls:  EAT STUFF (edit) FOX NFL SUNDAY

David in Maine:  FOX just showed lovie with a huge smile….. I think he was kidnapped by Aliens and they snuck in a replacement when they returned him…..

MetalGearPeaceWalker:  Was Pam Oliver just hitting on Jay Cutler? But then again if you put up 21-29 3 TD and about 270 yrds I’d hit on him too…and I’m a grown man as Mike Gundy would say.

And now for those Award Winners.....

Best prognostication

Dils:  To me this this is the "gravy" game meaning that this is the game that most think the Bears are going to lose. I personally picked them to win this one but if they don’t, it still sets up well for a big game against the Packers next Monday. But if the Bears do pull this win off today… Then we may very well have something here.

Best Swearing Tirade...

Cloudy Future:  Holy Moly freaking flip flaps (edited severly)….actual adjustments……ron turner would have never thought of that….


Best sarcastic comeback of the night....

Allie:  if your picky about spelling i suggest staying out of game threads.

Arbusto:  *you're

Most wildly inappropriate yet funny exchange of the day....

Allie:  don't get cute when you need 6 inches.

Arbusto:  It's easier to get 6 inches when you're cute... Just sayin’



Best insider commentary...

BL3ACH:  johnny freaking know

BL3ACH:  knox*

Arbusto:  Oh, we knox.


Best adjective for Mannely...

Cosmis:  Manjestic


I like this one for sooooooo many reasons.  We'll call it the best use of euphimisms and comment of the night:

the hellbilly:  NOTHING would make me smile more...  than the Bears giving the Cowboys some payback for the beating back in ‘07 at Soldier Field. That memory still makes me angry enough to punch a baby in the face. The ’Boys came into OUR house and beat us like rented mules, injuring 3 of our players in the process. I’m not saying that I hope any Dallas players get hurt today, but our Bears players need to be just as physical as the opponents… And for the sake of Ditka’s moustache, HOLD ONTO THE BALL!


Great stuff as always ladies and gents.  I think we can all see that the clear winner this week was Arbusto, Allie, BL3ACH, Cosmis, and everyone else who contributed, with honorable mentions going to Smudgers and Juicebox for copyright infringement.  Be sure to play again next week when we face the Great Green Nemesis from the North....