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The Bears Den: September 22, 2010

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...where we will be joined by a very special guest today.  Stay tuned!

QB Cutler nominated for FedEx Air Player of the Week again.

Community involvment an ongoing mission for the team.

Frank the Tank talks about the OL adjustments we've seen.

John "Moon" Mullin discusses the current LT situation.

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A bit of insight on hamstring injuries, but nothing concrete on Bears players.

Neil Hayes contemplates removing Hester from PR altogether.

Mike Mulligan says the WRs are playing big boy football now.

Bob LeGere points out that there are still some things to work on.

The always-interesting Team Report from USA Today.

NFC North decisive moment of the week.

Bears players that are currently streaking and slumping.

One of our favorite websites, PFF, reviews the Bears-Cowboys game.

The link to the SBN Power Rankings you've all been chatting about.

Seriously, if you get your behind handed to you, don't talk like this.