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The Inside Scoop: Another Session With Bears Beat Writer Sean Jensen

Jensen_head_shot_small_medium We are delighted to have Chicago Sun-Times beat reporter Sean Jensen join us for another Q/A session right here on our home field.  Last week, Sean talked about defensive schemes, personnel issues, coaching strategies, etc, and today he's back for another round of in-depth conversation with the best Bears fans on the planet.

With the Bears sitting at 2-0, and a huge game this coming Monday at Soldier Field versus Green Bay (and the following week traveling to New York to face the Giants), we are suddenly sitting at gut-check time, even though the season just started.

Just like last week, feel free to drop your questions and comments below.  This is a huge treat for all of us, as we have the ability to tap into a resource who is at all of the practices, all of the games, in and around Halas Hall all year long. 

Sean will be joining us around 3pm CT... in the meantime, make sure you peruse the Sun-Times for the latest updates, and check out Inside the Bears, which is run by Jensen and Neil Hayes.