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Week 3 NFL Open Thread: Non-Bears Edition

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Tomorrow's Monday Night Football game can't seem to get here fast enough, but while we wait, here are a few key games being played today around the league:

NFC North-

Lions @ Vikings:  The state of Minnesota is already on high alert after not only starting the season 0-2, but doing so in a very sloppy fashion.  The offense has been nonexistent, and Brett Favre and Company look to be nowhere near the dominating offense they were last year.  As for the Lions, they certainly are a much-improved football team, but are also very banged up at the moment.  Matt Stafford is still out with JPepp Disorder, and their laundry list of injuries is not very encouraging.  As much as I would love to see the 0-2 Lions go into the Vikings home stadium and knock the Purple People around, the edge would have to go to the Vikings in this game.  Doesn't mean we can't root for the Lions though.

More games to watch for after the jump.

Titans @ Giants: Why is this a notable game? Because the Giants are the Bears next-next opponent, and we aren't quite sure yet of the type of team the Giants have.  They beat the Panthers considerably in Week 1, then lost to the Colts considerably in Week 2.  Today will be a good litmus test of our Week 4 opponent.

Dallas @ Houston:  If ever there was a reason to expect a high-scoring, pass-heavy game, this is it.  The Cowboys look to rebound from two straight losses to open the season, and the Texans hope to keep making believers of the NFL by notching win #3.  Expect both Tony Romo and Matt Shaub to pass for 1,000 yards each, and for 200 points to be scored in this game.

49ers @ Chiefs: Despite taking his winless Niners into KC to battle the undefeated Chiefs, we might see Mike Singletary's head officially explode if they aren't able to notch win #1 against a not-very-good  better-than-I-thought-they-were football team.

Other notable games on the docket:

Atlanta @ New Orleans

Indianapolis @ Denver

Jets @ Dolphins


Here's a fantastic link to the guys at the the506, the absolute best place to find tv maps we've ever seen. Find out what's playing where...if you're not fortunate enough to have "The Ticket."

What will your Sunday look like today?  WIll you be focused heavily on your fantasy team?  WIll you even watch football today?

Regardless, we can't have a Football Sunday without an Open Thread to talk smack about other teams, and to chat about the goings on in the NFL.

So, here ya go... have fun!