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The Bears Den: September 27, 2010


...where we should not have to go to work on Game Day.

The Refrigerator was considered a hero after destroying the Packers.

The Bears aren't concerned with the lack of sacks this season.

Pat Mannelly to set significant record tonight in front of home crowd.

A look at Cutler's night time performances, plus a mention of rookie Webb.

Featured Article: Matt Bowen looks at how the Bears defense can stop the Packers offense.


A good read on the conditioning of DE Julius Peppers.

David Haugh talks about the significance of beating the Packers tonight.

Dan Pompei looks at the Bears WRs versus the rest of the league.

CSNChicago Video: LB Briggs talks about the Cowboys and the Packers.

John "Moon" Mullin discusses the awesomeness that is Pat Mannelly.

Moon also says that it's time to lay off the Bears Special Teams unit.

Featured Article #2: A look at the luxury of having former HCs as assistants.

MNF analyst Gruden says he's never seen an arm like Cutler's.