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Packers at Bears Quick Recap: Bears Last NFC Team Undefeated

In a game where there were big implications, it was the small things that made the difference.  Cutler's confidence is unshakeable, Hester found his sexy, we left the penalties to the other team, and the biggest factor: We kept our composure.

So. we're the last 3-0 team in the NFC.  Next up: The Giants.

1st downs-

Bears: 18

Packers: 21


Bears: 5-38

Packers: 17-152


Bears: 1

Packers: 2


Jay Cutler: 16/27, 221 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int

Aaron Rodgers: 34/45, 316 yds, 1 TD, 1 Int


Jay Cutler: 3/37

Forte/Taylor: 14/66

Green Bay: 15/63


Johnny Knox: 4/94

Greg Olsen: 5/64, 1 TD

Finley/ Driver: 9/ 115


Briggs/ Urlacher: 18 tackles

Tim Jennings: 7 tackles

Hawk/ Matthews: 8 tackles


Your quick thoughts?