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Thoughts From NFL Week 3: Chicago Bears and Beyond

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Windy City Gridiron is the best Bears site in all the land.  Duh!  But, If you're anything like me, you're a fan of the NFL.  So I've got thoughts.  I'm sure you have some thoughts too.  Check out some of mine, then share with us some of yours.

1)  Can the meatheads that claim Devin Hester's returning prowess is hurt by being a full time wide receiver please zip it!  Devin Hester you are (still) ridiculous!!!

2)  I think we all knew the Cowboys and the Vikings would snap out of their funk.  Both teams looked good on Sunday.

3)  I'm still not buying the 3-0 Kansas City Chiefs...  maybe if they can hang with the Colts in week 5 after their bye week.

4)  After only scoring 10 points against the Chiefs, and 38 in the first 3 games, the 49ers fired offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye.  Maybe coach Singletary should have stuck with Mike Martz?  I thought the 49ers would win that division, now I think Samurai Mike is on the hot seat.

5)  Those 38 points scored by San Fran isn't even the worst in the NFL.  I wonder if Carolina offensive coordinator Jeff Davidson is feeling a bit nervous.  (32 points scored, oh my)

6)  Is Mark Sanchez gonna play this good all year?

7)  Michael Vick is a quarterback.  He makes the Philadelphia Eagles the favorite in the NFC East.

8)  Can someone explain to me why the Chargers are such slow starters? 

9)  Kyle Orton, 476 yards!  He's making Brandon 'Freakin' Lloyd look good.

10)  I'm seriously wondering if there is a shortage of barbers in Green Bay that know how to cut a white guys hair. 

* Bonus Packer thought...  Aaron Rodgers is a hell of a QB.  Can I admit I really like watching him play?