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It Wasn’t Pretty.... It was Beautiful! Our Chicago Bears Win and Here's the Best of Your in Game Comments!

I love you man!  No, I love YOU man!  Then they kissed.... (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
I love you man! No, I love YOU man! Then they kissed.... (Photo by Jonathan Daniel/Getty Images)
Getty Images

The Bears are 3 and Oh my god I can’t believe we beat the freakin’ Pack!!!  I can't wait to see the looks I'll get from all my Packer fan coworkers.  Hee hee!  Let’s just say it was a nice win.  But this leaves me with just a few short hours to sift through almost 2,500 of your comments to find a few gems.  A task I’m really looking forward to.  So join me after the jump for the best of your in game comments....

Spongie:  I’m Tfrabotta’s designated "f"er for this game (he’s off tailgating), so I would like to join in with the "f"ing.  No, not like that.


Chauncey Baker:  What's a Dilfer...?  I think you pee with it.


GtM:  if we r gonna have quarter threads  is this the 1st quarter thread, or pregame thread?

Kev H:  Both.  Welcome to the Thunderdome.

Chauncey Baker:  Two man enter, one man leave

Jonathan Thompson: Mother of God

After some Stacey Dales commentary we get the rules for going after women....

Jupree:  That Harlot(edit) . I will mess her up.  (disclaimer: I can say that, as I also have two X chromosomes. It’s like the rapper rules governing use of distasteful racial slurs.)


In reference to the throw backs...

Spongie:  Ditka said he likes them and will wear one tonight if he’s permitted to.

Who’s going to say "No" to Da Coach?

layeti:  Ms. Da Coach?

Spongie:  Oh, yeah. Good point, well made.


Again in reference to the throw backs

Maelvampyre:  but then again, i like feather boas and high heeled mules


GallopingGhost:  Peppers single-handily scared  the entire left side of the Packers o-line a couple plays ago. HA


Bears-Cubs Bulls:  How the Heck (edit) did the Packers get Rodgers  We wait 20 years between good QBs, they grow them on trees up north.

Spongie:  They don’t (a) draft like undead Al Davis, and (b) groom QBs like… um, Al Davis.


Arbusto:  "Hello, Tackling? It’s me, Da Bears. Do you remember me? We dated for about 6 months 4 years ago. It was really hot. We were doing it all over the place. I miss you. Please come back to me."


DaHamsta:  Shenanigans  That should fix everything


Cosmis:  Favre's names was just uttered  Jon Gruden has a boner.


BearNecessities:  disclaimer, I dont play in the nfl  but it seems to me, tackling isn’t like a secret martial art form or something…hands on the ballcarrier, wrap up/stand-up…wait for assistance…strip ball, wash, rinse, repeat


To begin the third quarter we saw the darker side of HoneyBear followed by a nice diatribe about females and swearing.  I’d post it here but it would take too long.  But HoneyBear’s got a dirty mouth....


suckmyditka:  Ballz. This is a nice heart warming story and all but Damn i freaking (edit) hate the Packers. This little girl and her harris jersey is pissing me off


BearNecessities:  nothing bad happens when the Urlacher is smiling

No It All:  cheese melts

Dane Noble:  Good answer


Even better when not in context...

HoneyBear:  Sonofabuck (edit) Don’t jinx us. This is football, you never know.  Juicebox.


Allie:  So someone else takes points off the board by being dumb.  So it ISN’T just us.

After the second challenge (the Bennett TD)  we have...

Maelvampyre:  if he wins this one  there will be no living with him.  - mrs lovie

Followed by...

Maelvampyre:  lovie's wife is safe for another week

After Devin’s amazing return we have this gem...

Red Ivan:  That was more exciting than a Dez 1-yard TD catch anyways.


Only on WCG do you get this...

Allie:  Is Peppers married?  I may just volunteer to have his babies. He. Is. Awesome.

Fridge72:  The man is busy,  don’t distract him with stuff (edit) like that

Allie:  I’d wait til after the game.


lawyeti:  at least lovie can't say "we like our time outs"  cause he clearly doesnt


Cosmis:  Jon Gruden "I just can't say enough about ___"  yes, Jon, you can.




Allie:  McCarthy is trying to LET lovie outcoach him its sorta impressive.


I wasn’t aware we’re allowed to watch sober....

Allie:  This game is making me wish i had some booze  Oh. My. God.


We end the night with this astute observation coming off the Packers attempt to return the kickoff with 4 seconds left....

Red Ivan:  Well that final play about summed it up.  Packers passing the ball all over us.


And the award winners are...


For most obscure "Bears" reference....

Kev H:  Dangity dangity dang dang dang (hurt myself editing).  Ok, that’s out of my system. I’ll be back to post your quarterly game threads, my fine fellow Ursas.


For the effort....You are THE PACKER SMACKER!  Thanks!

TheMan1:  Packer Smacker  For Dave  The only cheese that’s good tonight is the one I’ll crap out in a couple days! Bear Down baby!


Best comebacker.....

KSJ49:  Did someone fall down?

awfullyquiet:  tillman is on the sideline. sitting down.


For sheer emotion we have

TheMan1:  As ugly as it seemed its 10-7 Now Bear Down hit that darned (edit) Rodgers and win this gosh darned game (severe edit)


For quirkiest  exchange we have...

BabylonDon:  How about a story about a healthy 19 year old blonde Bears fan Who loves to make pizza?

BearNecessities:  you mean the perfect woman?

Maelvampyre:  she'd have to have a flat head


For sheer imagery...

Maelvampyre:  greaat run  Cutler has balls you need a dump truck to carry


Dedicated fan of the night....

Spongie:  Pfff, it’s nearly 4am here and I’m not going to bed before the game ends, at this rate.


Best new adjective... "clutchier"  as in....

No It All:  reminds me of the they are who we thought they were game more clutchier though





And finally the best comment of the night...

Spongie:  "Briggs and Urlacher love to penetrate" – but not as much as Antonio Cromartie, amiright ?




Not my most productive day here at work but that's them for this week.  Join me next Sunday night for more of the same.  Thanks for playing!