WCG Pick 'Em Contest- Prizes Awarded

We are going to do a series of Pick 'Em posts over the next few weeks, and give out prizes for the winners. Don't ask what the prizes are, as we can't tell you. And the reason we can't tell you is possibly due to the fact that either they are valued at over $100k per prize, or that because I just don't want to tell you. But, there really are prizes, and they really are kind of cool. But don't ask what they are.

The rules are simple:

1- List out in the comment section your winner for each game

2- Include the final score of the MNF game for tiebreaking purposes.

This week's contests:

49ers @ Falcons

Bengals @ Browns

Jets @ Bills

Seahawks @ Rams

Broncos @ Titans

Lions @ Packers

Ravens @ Steelers

Panthers @ Saints

Colts @ Jaguars

Texans @ Raiders

Redskins @ Eagles

Cardinals @ Chargers

Bears @ Giants

Monday Night Football:

Patriots @ Dolphins


WCG staff members are encouraged to participate, but are not eligible for the prizes, as we would certainly run the table each week due to our Unique insights and deep understanding of the National Football League. Also, bonus points to anyone who recognizes where the italicized quote came from. But not bonus points in relation to this contest, more of just metaphorical bonus points for getting it. Okay, so not bonus points, just a helmet-tip. Well, a metaphorical helmet-tip. Dammit I suck at this.

Anyhow, on with your predictions. Please only make one prediction set though, as multiple entries would just be weird. I guess I'll close the thread either Saturday night or Sunday morning, so don't tarry.

This Fanpost was written by a Windy City Gridiron member and does not necessarily reflect the ideas or opinions of its staff or community.