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Bears Den: September 3rd, 2010 Edition


Where "It's Just The Preseason" is now at an end.


Bears focus on big picture, not 0-4 mark - No. Focus on the preseason scores.

Olsen is confident offense will excel - I love the blue and orange snowcone machine going on over at Halas Hall.

Collins looks sharp in first Bears outing - He did, from what I understand.

Chicago Bears: Little revealed in 13-10 loss to Cleveland Browns - Tony Little flashed everyone during the game. I dunno if you knew.

'O' a cause for optimism - There's lots of potential. I'd say there's one point twenty one jigawatts of potential.

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Todd Collins: Chicago Bears can rest easy - Chicago can rest easy because, at the end of the day, if Collins is playing the season is probably largely oer.

Offensive line: Chicago Bears need accurate assessment of play before opener - I'm not necessarily sure where they're supposed to get it. Maybe they can get a roster update for Madden and simulate the season 100 times, and then just emulate the results.

A sad cover story - Mully's piece about the preseason and the excuses, and all of it.

Quotes from Thursday night's scrimmage - KEVIN MALAST GAME BALL

What are Chicago Bears made of? It's hard to tell after a winless preseason - Melissa Isaacson graces us with her happy ray.

Wolfe likely done in Chicago - And for some reason, here is what will likely be the debate topic of the day.

Five things we learned in Cleveland - I went to Cleveland once. It wasn't a bad town, but for some reason the whole downtown smelled sorta sewer-y.

Angelo on QBs, Wright and pass protection - Jerry Angelo returns to answer someone's questions about the state of things.