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Open Thread: Chicago Bears Roster Shakedown Edition

The Chicago Bears final roster of 53 players will be due tomorrow, and the cuts have already begun today. 

So far, we've seen Special Teams ace Tim Shaw get his walking papers, as well as LBs Kevin Malast and Kelvin Smith.  Also, WR Freddie Barnes has been waived.

Stay tuned to WCG for all the latest and greatest as we continue carving towards that magic number of 53.

UPDATE: Safety Al Afalava has received his walking papers.  What a turn of events Mr. Afalava has seen in the last year.

UPDATE:  Tim Shaw, as of Saturday morning is being shopped by the Bears.  Maybe we can get a conditional pick before flat out cutting him.

UPDATE AGAIN: The Bears could not find a trading partner for Tim Shaw, so he is officially a free agent.

The team will be making an official announcement regarding the roster at 7:15pm CT.

More updates after the jump.

Also cut/waived/released:

- Safety Quinten Scott

- CB Cornelius Brown

- CB Woodny Turenne

- Center Tim Walter

- DT Mick Williams

- OL James Marten

- OL Levi Horn

- DE Barry Turner

- TE Richard Angulo

- DT Jarron Gilbert

- WR Juaquin Iglesias (expected to be waived)

- OL Josh Beekman

- Safety Aaron Webster

- HBack Eddie Williams (expected)

- WR Greg Matthews