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Thankfully The Chicago Bears Preseason Is Over But Your Game Thread Comments Live On.

Yes.  She's laughing at you.
Yes. She's laughing at you.

But first my take.  We finally had a preseason game that I can truly say was officially meaningless.  At least meaningless to anyone meaningful on the team.  Those that are still on the team now that is.  To those who got cut because of their play in said meaningless game or because they failed to catch anyone’s attention during training camp, the game probably held some meaning.  And to those players who didn’t make the 53 man roster, let me say how sorry I am that they fell victims to the Angelo/Smith talent evaluation team.  In the long run this may actually be the silver lining you’re looking for boys!  The game itself was about as exciting as watching paint dry.  But, true to form, the WCG gang was as amusing as ever.  Join me after the jump for the highlights from the last meaningless game we’ll play this year.

To begin the thread we had a 15+ post running commentary on the "F" word.  Since I’d have to edit anything worth copying I’ll just put it here as a sort of "foot note" and you people can go peruse it at your leisure.

TheMan1:  Lovie Smith says there may be a few surprises What is he going to show some facial expressions tonight? (wishing there was a poop face emoticon to insert)

pygreg:  Olsen got overwhelmed by that hostile crowd noise

carlivar:  We're in mid-season form  Timeout with 12 minutes left in the 1st quarter. Now we’re playing some Lovie football.

SJS_illini:  And the Bears have intimidated the Browns into Browning themselves on the field.


We have this exchange after another complaint about the delay on internet broadcasts...

spleensplitter:  Sorry. I'm psychic.  Can’t help it.


DaHamsta:  Damn psychics

spleensplitter:  I knew what you were thinking.

DaHamsta:  Uh-Oh

Spleensplitter:  What you're thinking now requires a permit or is illegal.

DaHamstaIn 10 countries it's legal


Continuing in his campaign for Garret Wolfe we get this lovely comment

DaHamsta:  Bell is a closet Viking

SJS_illini:  Dammit Lovie, you CAN'T have your QB call a timeout in a middle of a snap!

Spleensplitter: Maybe he'll challenge himself.

Ditkavsworld:  he'd still lose

Then we get an amusing tirade of "football names"  I’ll highlight a few...

Spleensplitter:  Colt McCoy should play for the ColtsMaybe Jay will change his name to "Bear". Better yet "Bear McCutler"


Cosmis:  If he's gonna have that awesome of a name  he should just change it to "Mantis Toboggan" or "Splint Chesthair" or something like that.


SJS_illini:  I'd agree there, lol.

Redskin Grossman

Bengal Palmer (Sounds painful)

Jet Sanchez (Variation on Dirty Sanchez?)

Brown Delhomme

Steeler Rothleisburger…


KyCubsFan:  Hmmmm

but you forget

Jet Sanchez

Titan Young


Then this "gem of the night".....

Chitownproduct:  I'm dying to ask  How’s the Bell/Wolfe battle so far?


suckmyditka:  both have

34 carries

267 yards

and 8 tds

so it’s neck and neck


Chitownproduct:  And also in this alternate Universe  I’m married to Eva Mendez


SJS_illini:  It's not so much a battle as it is  the two nerdy kids out by the tree in their Harry Potter robes whacking each other with foam weapons.


Or this exchange of pleasantries:

DaHamsta:  Nice return by Wolfe  I don’t see Bell returning kicks


suckmyditka:  and i don't see you doing your job  Now get back in the kitchen

TheMan1:  Was that Wolfe?  I couldn’t see his number, they’re going to have to mow the grass shorter

Rocko1:  Collins and Martz sitting in a tree..K I S S I N G  watch out Jay!

MidWayMonster54:  Good God…. Kosar looks like the crypt keeper .

Jupree:  I just love football so much I could cry.  Fortunately, that is entirely compatible with being a Bears fan this preseason.


I couldn’t agree more with this...

SJS_illini:  The Bears Den.… where our "Best of the Game Thread" Threads are better than watching the games themselves.


This bit of brilliance....

Polishsausage.Ditka.Bears:  I like the offensive play calling tonight.

I like Collins’ play, he executed the offense well on little practice.

I like Martz on the field instead of in the box.

I liked the offensive line.

I like how J’Marcus Webb has played.

I liked Rashied’s grab.

I don’t like Aromashodu on ST.

I liked Chester’s runs.

What else did I like?…


DaHamsta:  Garrett Wolfe?


Polishsausage.Ditka.Bears:  Not particularly.  But I like his weird little mustache.


DaHamsta:  Well it’s a start.


Falling into the "Oh god I hope you’re wrong but dang you could be right" category;

62GTO:  prediction: maynard mvp

SpleensplitterClassic!  Thayer referred to Iglsias as Julio.


Just because it wouldn’t be this post without him and has the slam of the night...

Kev H:  This game is stupid.  I chose to watch Star Trek: The Motion Picture instead.


n: 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px 0.0px;">Me:  I may revoke your  man card fan card.


SJS_illini: Just revoke both, I think the man card expired anyway.

Then we had an absolute tirade on classic cartoons that just left me completely baffled....  So I’m not including any of them.


And we’ll finish this post with this

DaHamsta:  Bears pre-season 0-4

Colts pre-season 0-4

Therefore Bears=Colts


That's how we'll close out our preseason edition of your game thread comments.  Join me next week and bring your "A" game fans because this time its for real and the comments, like the game itself, actually mean something....  unlike our usual drivel...