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How Many Games Will the Bears Win?

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On the eve of the NFL season opener, everybody has a prediction, everyone is an expert. We are no different. How many wins do you think the Bears get in the regular season in 2010?

The "brain-trust" at ESPN picks the Bears to finish 3rd in the division behind Minnesota & Green Bay. Adam Schefter thinks they'll be 4th behind Detroit. LINK

Damon Hack of predicts 8-8 and a 3rd place finish for the Bears. LINK

Don Banks of predicts a 5-11 season and a last place finish for the Bears. He had this to say:

Often a winless preseason translates not in the slightest to what a team will be come the regular season. But there was something entirely listless and directionless about the 0-4 Bears this summer, and I do believe that bodes for big trouble in Chicago.

Read more:

Adam Schein of FOXSports (who?) has the Bears at 6-10 and tied with the Lions. LINK

USA Today has the Bears at 20th in their power rankings, way behind #1 Green Bay and #6 Minnesota but still ahead of #26 Detroit. LINK

USA Today's Team Report predicts a 9-7 season, but still 3rd place. LINK

The NY Times' Fifth Down Blog predicts 7 to 9 wins and a 3rd place finish. LINK

So what's your prediction?