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The Bears Den: September 8th, 2010 Edition

Football starts tomorrow. Color this kid excited!

Bears pleased with new defensive end - Cuz he's good at what they like.

Wootton excited to earn spot on roster - I like this kid. I think he starts within 2 years, or whenever Anderson and Idonije suck. Whichever comes first.

Bears players visit Chicago schools - I know if I was a schoolchild, I'd be really ecstatic to see Lance Louis.

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Chicago Bears triumvirate: United they stand, united they should fall - Haugh says they're all linked. I don't always agree with Haugh, but I do here.

Bears intent on developing offensive linemen - It's a little late to do much else.

How Lovie's crew can turn minuses into pluses - Duh. You take a line that looks like this:  -  Then you add a line that looks like this:   |   Then you get something that looks like this:  +

Not even Peppers can plug all the holes on Bears' 'D' - If the Bears could field a defense of 11 Julius Peppers, it'd be amazing.

Ditka, Ryan to reunite for Super Bowl XX gala - Chicago Breaking Sports - I think many of us would like them to reunite for a season on the sidelines at Soldier Field.

Market watch: Cutler connects with Cavallari - If she Jessica Simpsons this team, I'm going to be so upset.