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Bear (Count)Down!

Well, here we are. The 2010 NFL season is finally upon us. Months of guessing, worrying, excitement, and a whole host of other emotions will come to a tipping point in a few short days.

Hopefully these emotions will carry on for the next five months. Each week our moods will be determined by how our Bears fared on game day.

There was optimism leading up to August. The Bears brought in some high profile free agents to plug glaring player needs. They also brought in high profile coaches to fix glaring player imperfections. All looked good on the Lake front.

Then preseason happened. After losing four straight meaningless games, our hearts have sunk. Lovie and Jerry might as well quit now so that they don’t have to stand before the firing squad. Our loyal fan base is already predicting a 0-1 start and another season completed in 17 short weeks.

After waiting, better yet, pining over the last several months for Bears football, some are ready to cast off this season even before Dave Matthews or Taylor Swift take the stage in New Orleans.

I understand the logic. Nobody likes heartache. It’s better to put up a wall than to lay down a draw bridge. Don’t let any good feelings in, because our Bears will just rip them from our soul. OK, maybe that’s a little extreme.

But we are an extreme fan base. Like me, many of you live and die by our Bears.

We are tired of dying. That’s understandable.

However, there is no telling what this season may bring. As Bears fans, we should expect the unexpected.

In 2005, did we really envision a neck bearded, rookie quarterback leading us to a division crown? After 2006, didn’t Lovie look like the coach we have longed for since Iron Mike?

NFL stands for the National Football League, but it could also be an acronym for Nothing From Last year. Meaning, we never know what is going to happen. That’s the fun of it.

I have the utmost confidence that my Bears will begin this season 1-0. If, for some reason, pigs grow wings, the Devil starts eating ice cream, and Detroit squeaks out a victory; it’s all right, 15-1 isn’t so bad.