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NFL thoughts you can take to the bank.

I wish I could challenge Lovies challenges.
I wish I could challenge Lovies challenges.

No, these aren't predictions, as the very definition of prediction leaves something to chance.  These are some stone cold, hard as nails, might as well chisel it in granite facts.  If I were a betting man, I'd call my bookie, and work on him in getting some of these played as prop bets.

This being Windy City Gridiron, most of my thoughts will have a Bears slant, but as I consider myself to be knowledgeable in all things NFL, I'll touch on some other teams as well.  Now jump I say!!!

1)  Lovie Smith will fail his first challenge of the year.

2)  And his second.

3)  The Titans Chris Johnson will lead the league in rushing, but fall short of his 2,500 goal.  I love his swagger, but seriously, 2,500?

4)  At least one former Bear will have a good week 1, prompting a collective, "Why did we get rid of this guy?" from the disappointed masses.

5)  Brett Favre will not play in all 16 games in 2010.

6)  Sticking with the Vikings, Bernard Berrian still won't eclipse 1000 receiving yards.

7)  The Lions will be a better team.  (3-13 would be an improvement.  Woo Hoo 3 wins!)

8)  The Rams will also improve from their 1 win '09 campaign.

9)  Tim Tebow will turn water into Gatorade.

10)  Someone on WCG will ask, "What ever happened to GeauxBears?"

11)  No It All will pine for Kam Chancellor.  And someone will tell him to prove it.

12)  DaHamsta will complain that Garrett Wolfe isn't getting enough touches.

13)  This one pains me to say, but the Green Bay Packers will win the NFC North.

14)  Kev will get all sarcastic on a WCG rookie and we'll have to explain that that's just Kev being Kev.

15)  The Baltimore Ravens will win the AFC.

16)  The NY Jets will not make the playoffs.

17)  Windy City Gridiron will continue to be the best Bears website in all the land...

And since I know we at WCG have some of the best and most intelligent readers in all of the SBNation, let me know what other lead pipe locks you may have.  Oh, and by the way...  Bears open up 1-0... You can take it to the bank!