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The Bears Den: January 10, 2011

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...where we wonder if the Bears would ever consider wearing their alternate jerseys for the playoffs.

The team's official website points out all of the playoff experience on the defense.

Brian Urlacher named NFC player of the month for December.

Vaughn McClure has a good look at the resurgence of Urlacher this season.

Brad Biggs says that the Bears are a much different team than they were three months ago.

Order now, and have your Ditka Sweater Vest by game day!

Ron Rivera gets a second interview for the HC position in Carolina.

Lovie Smith said he'd love to see his assistant coaches get promotions if possible.

Mark Potash notes the changes made on the OL by Mike Tice.

Rick Morrissey is taking the "luck" angle again in talking about the Bears.

Kevin Seifert points out the Bears have beaten every team that they've played twice this year.

Part one of How the North was Won from CSN Chicago.

John 'Moon' Mullin takes a closer look at some of Jerry Angelo's comments.

Pro Football Focus has a look at the performance of the Seahwaks Saturday.

Football Outsiders has some playoff and Super Bowl probabilities for us.

And now, how about a change of pace... have some badminton: