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The Bears Den: January 13, 2010

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Bear_s-den2_medium_medium_medium many WCGers will be at the game Sunday?

Mike Martz and Matt Forte exchange pleasantries on the successes this season.

Charles Tillman missed practice with an illness, but everyone else practiced yesterday.

Julius Peppers praiss Brian Urlacher as a teammate and as a person.

Jay Cutler is getting under David Haugh's skin.

Yet another Toub assistant likely to get promoted to ST coach with another club.

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Don Banks looks at potential Super Bowl match-ups.

Bears struggled against blitz last time out versus Seattle, but say they are ready now.

Part three of Jim Miller's 'How the North Was Won.'

Moon Mullin says that Pete Carroll still remembers his game against the 1985 Bears.

Moon also points out that history is in the Bears favor right now.

Rick Morrissey: Cutler's image depends on where you sit.

Sean Jensen has a good look at the versitility of Greg Olsen this season.

Neil Hayes says this Bears ST unit may be the best ever.

Johnny Knox- Zen Master?

Kevin Seifert notes that Cutler's role in the Seattle game will make or break the Bears.

Ticket prices dropping rapidly for the Bears home playoff game.

Pete Carroll talks about how he missed out on recruiting Hester in college.

Brett Favre's little sister busted at meth lab.

Great read comparing Rex Ryan to former Bears coach Abe Gibron.

Pro Football Focus' All-Pro Defense and Special Teams unit.

Bears have won 14 of 15 games in which they've scored at least 14 points.