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WCG Key Match-Up: Bears Passing Attack vs. Seahawks Secondary

The issue Bears fans are most concerned about leading into this big game Sunday is how the pass protection will hold up against the Seahawks Blitz. In the week 6 match-up, the Seahawks blitzed furiously from the secondary in route to sacking Cutler 6 times. When I say Seattle didn't do anything special on defense it's not so much a slight at them, but at Mike Tice and the offensive line for allowing that to happen. A lot has changed with the offensive line since that week 6 match-up. Roberto Garza was absent during that match-up while recovering from a knee scope, and is now back at his original position RG. Chris Williams was making his debut at LG at that time and since then has gradually improved as a starting LG. J'Marcus Webb was making his second start, and is now experienced at RT.

I expect the pass protection to be much better this go round against Seattle, but what can we expect from the receivers when they have the opportunity to make plays against the 27th ranked passing defense?

Johnny Knox

When Knox has an opportunity, he has to be aggressive and not let Kelly Jennings back into the play. Knox had great game against Jennings and the Seattle secondary in the last meeting, and he will be counted on this Sunday again to give the Bear a big play or two in the game. This is a favorable match-up for Knox that he needs to take advantage of. We want to see the Knox from the Jets game that was shielding opponents with his body and attacking the ball when it was in the air.

Devin Hester and Earl Bennett

When the Blitz is on, the primary targets will be Hester and Bennett. These two guys have the ability to make big plays after the catch. If Jay Cutler has the time and makes the right read, the hots can be his bread and butter throughout the game. Outside of Chris Clemons, the Seahawks don't have a defensive lineman that frighten you with the pass rush. Because of this, I expect Seattle to blitz and blitz often and I expect Bennett and Hester to be in position to make plays.

Greg Olsen

The Seattle line backing group is one of the better ones in the league, but they had trouble containing the Saints tight-ends last Saturday. Mike Martz have to find a way to get Greg Olsen back involve in the passing game as he gives you another dimension in that department. The range of the Seahawks line backing group will need to be tested to give the defensive coordinator something to think about when he is zero in on the Wide Receivers. When the plays are there to be made, Olsen needs to take advantage of them. He has struggle with getting open in the middle of the field and has had a case of drops. If he can snap out of it, it's just another weapon for Jay to use this Sunday.

Matt Forte

Last but certainly not least is Matt Forte. I expect Martz to use Forte against the linebackers. I can't see any of the starting linebackers being able to keep up with Forte in the pass department area. Aaron Curry might be the only line backer that can, but I like Forte chances in the passing game this Sunday.