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Bears and the Playoffs: Divisional Round Pre-Game Open Thread

Well, this was going to start out as a post about the injury report. However, the Bears don't have anyone on the injury report.

Then this was going to be an inspiring post about how great it is to be a Bears fan. However, I think everyone understands how great it is to be a Bears fan. Then it was going to be about the keys to the game--but we know the keys to the game. Defensive pressure, offensive efficiency.

So some odds and ends for you. The game threads for today's games will be up about half an hour before kickoffs. There are some links below the jump for your perusal, including a few by a very special author.

Finally, I was talking to Lester this morning, and here are our picks for the games:

Kev: Ravens, Falcons, Bears, Pats
Lester: Steelers, Packers, Bears, Pats

Enjoy the football, behave responsibly, and remember: The Chicago Bears are the greatest team to ever exist.

Bears prep to face Seahawks blitzes - Defensive back blitzes scare me, I'll be honest.

Chicago Bears profess to have no favorite in Green Bay Packers vs. Atlanta Falcons playoff game - I'm sure they do.

Tatupu practices, still not cleared for Seahawks - He wears the headset for them--it'd be helpful if he was out.

Bears can correct past by sacking Hasselbeck - Pressure him, flush him out, and that will disrupt their entire flow.

Road remains real challenge for Hasselbeck - He's not always so good there.

View from the Moon: It's not all about the Bears - Usually I agree with Moon, but I have to say--it really is all about the Bears.

Lester has been moonlighting at another website. Here's link - s to the three stories he's done so far:

Chicago Bears in Perspective

The Chicago Bears Defense is Ornery

Excuse me Coach Martz, don’t forget about Matt Forte.