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Sunday Morning Bloody Mary: The Chicago Bears Playoff Journey Begins Now

Jets at Patriots Green Bay Packers
AFC Champion vs NFC Champion
Pittsburgh Steelers Seahawks at Bears
We know two contenders, and we'll likely know the rest by 7:30ET(6:30CT)


It's finally here. After two long weeks, the Chicago Bears will play in their first playoff game since losing Super Bowl XLI. A win today will put them into the NFC Championship game with the Green Bay Packers. This would be the first time the Bears and Packers have ever met in the NFC Championship, and indeed would be only the second post season game ever between the two.

Open Threads will go up for each game about 15 minutes before kickoff, and as always, we'll have quarterly threads for the Bears game. Some news links after the jump for you. Enjoy the day kids--it should be a beauty for football.

Kevin Seifert's Rapid Reaction to the Packers win on Saturday.

B.J. Raji isn't worried about playing the Bears again.

Four things to watch in the Bears-Seahawks game.

Matt Bowen took some notes from the Packer's game.

Hey meatballs: You'll get your "Bear Weather" today.

Without being prompted, Potash weighs in on Jay Cutler's mad podium skillz, before getting to some preview stuff.

Moon says the rematch of the century looms near and large.

And just to take the edge off for you: