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NFL Thoughts: Chicago Bears and Beyond

Look everyone, Jay Cutler has a happy face on.
Look everyone, Jay Cutler has a happy face on.

In what makes complete sense for the 2010 season both six seeds knock off the top team in each conference.  The Packers win wasn't much of a surprise, but the Jets handling New England was a shocker.  Looking forward to next week, if you like defensive football, how good is the Jets against Pittsburgh? I think New York will put up a fight, but I think the Steelers will find a way to win.

But the main event next week will be Green Bay at Chicago.  I expect some ratings records to be broken.  Two bitter rivals meeting in the playoffs for the first time in a long time for a shot at the Super Bowl.  The only bad thing will be Joe Buck in the booth.  Great...

1)  The New England Patriots did not look like the New England Patriots.  A fake punt reeks of desperation, and Bill Belichick does not coach that way.

2)  I understand the dislike towards Mark Sanchez, but that kid backed up the hype yesterday.

3)  So much for the myth of Matty Ice and his home dominance.  I do think he's a good QB, but so far in his career, he is overrated.

3)  The Packers defensive stars sure came out to play Saturday night.  When they're playing like that and Aaron Rodgers is slinging it like he is, I wonder how that team can be stopped...

4)  How does T.J. Houshmandzadeh feel after dropping what would have been a 1st down on the last Ravens play?

5)  Momentum sure flipped on the Ravens, up 21-7 at the half and looking real good I thought it was over.  But once the Steelers started rolling I knew I was wrong.

6)  Not a bad playoff debut for Jay Cutler.  His 1st pass went for a TD, and he was only the second QB ever to throw for 2 TDs and run for 2 TDs.

7)  I think Charles Tillman led the Bears in drops yesterday.

8)  The Bears converted on 10/18 third downs.  A bit different than their week six tilt.

9)  Mike Singletary coaching in Minnesota... say it ain't so...

10)  My preseason prediction for NFC Champion is still alive...  I really, really, really, really hope I'm wrong.