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3 Offensive Coordinators in 3 years for Jay Cutler

This is a subject that's been broached before here on WCG (and one I even tackled), but listening to all the talking heads spew on and on about some of the differences between Jay Cutler and Aaron Rodgers, more specifically how better Rodgers is, I just feel it needs to be said again.  Jay Cutler has had three different play callers the last three years while Aaron Rodgers has been in the same system his entire professional career.  Now before I get all up into what I want to get into, and before I'm accused by some trolling Packer fans of bashing Rodgers, let me throw this out there.  I think Rodgers is an outstanding QB.  I think he was robbed of a Pro Bowl berth this season.  And...uhm...and I know I'll catch some flack for this next statement, but I think Aaron Rodgers is a better QB than Jay Cutler at this point in their careers.

That's not a knock on Cutler as much as it is a testament to the way Rodgers has played in his few years running the show in Green Bay.  But again, Rodgers should be playing at a higher level, his mastery of Mike McCarthys offense allows him to confidently go out and play.  He knows his offense like my wife knows how to make a good red sauce.  No directions needed.  As excited as I am to see Jay Cutler play for Chicago, I'm even more excited thinking of the future and how good he'll be in year 2, and 3, and maybe even year 4 in running the same offense.

I can't get over how the national media is just fawning over Rodgers.  I'm sure some of it is the familiarity of drooling over a Green Bay QB, but lets keep things in perspective please.  To make things even worse, some journalists in Chicago seem to be man crushing on A-Rod.  Perspective fellas...

Jay Cutler's last season as a Bronco it was Kyle Shanahan calling plays in his father Mike's system.  A system that was a run heavy version of the West Coast offense.  And a system that featured a lot of boots and roll outs.  A system that allowed Cutler to get outside the pocket and let his athleticism take over.

In 2009, Cutler had the Ron Turner version of the West Coast offense.  Some of the verbiage may have been similar, but it was much more closer to the traditional West Coast offense than the Shanahan version.  It took Turner until the last part of the season before he started to call stuff closer to what Cutler was used to running in Denver.  Getting him outside the pocket and on the move.  

This season brings an entirely different animal in the Martzfense.  Mike Martz's offshoot of the Air Coryell offense features more timing based throws and deeper routes.  It's an offense that wants to stretch the field vertically and that looks to take advantage of mismatches that are created by various offensive formations and shifts.  Martz is like a master chess player.  He'll move his pieces all around the board trying to either confuse you or to get you to tip your hand.  It's why audibles aren't a big part of what he does.  He'll have some check with me plays that the QB will run based on how a defense looks when the QB comes to the line, but Martz feels every play he calls, if executed properly, can be successful.  These three offenses in three years is akin to learning Spanish, then Italian, then Russian.  It can be done, it just takes some tome to master all the little things.

This game will be hyped as Jay Cutler vs. Aaron Rodgers, but unless Jay is giving Urlacher a break on D that just ain't telling the whole story.  I get the QB angle the media will want to exploit, but please keep it real.  Talk about how Cutler will need to deal with the various blitzes of Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers and how Rodgers will have find a way to attack the multiple coverage looks Bears defensive coordinator Rod Marinelli will throw at him. 

Maybe throw in how Rodgers struggled with the generic Bears defense in week 17, in a game that was essentially a playoff game for Green Bay, and a game Chicago went into with 2 main goals, don't show the Packers or any potential playoff opponent anything and don't get hurt.  Yeah...there's your angle FOX Sports now run with it.