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The Bears Den: January 18. 2011

Greg Olsen on Lovie Smith: "You’d be hard-pressed to find a better leader"

Some outstanding photos from Bill Smith from the Seahawks game.

John 'Moon' Mullin has part 2 of his Bears-Packers preview.

Moon also gets some perspective from Lovie Smith on being the underdog this weekend.

Brian Billick has some very high praise for OL coach Mike Tice.

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Neil Hayes says the 'vanilla' approach in Week 17 should give the Bears an advantage.

Morrissey on Soldier Field: It "has the texture of cat litter and is the color of split-pea soup."

Will this next game against the Packers be one of the biggest of all-time?

Dan Pompei handsout his grades after breaking down the game film.

David Haugh finds advantage in Bears because they haven't peaked yet.

Brett Favre begins the process of mending the fences in Green bay.

Michael C. Wright talks about the four-man rush versus Aaron Rodgers.

Kevin Seifert's Free Head Exam for the Chicago Bears.

This article says that the Bears-Packers tickets are the hottest in sports history.

Here's a way for you to win an all expenses paid trip for two people to the NFCCG, and to help a damn good cause. There's a raffle at this website, with all proceeds benefiting the Jay Cutler Foundation. For those who somehow don't know, the Jay Cutler Foundation is dedicated to improving the quality of life for underprivileged children and those suffering from diabetes. Each ticket is $2, and there's a minimum 5 ticket purchase. The deadline for ticket purchase is Thursday morning at 11am ET (10am CT). The drawing will be held Thursday afternoon, with winners notified then. 

And for my personal touch on today's Den, a song that I like.


Broken Records - A Leaving Song - 4AD Session