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WCG Match-Up Post: Grades and Reviews

The Bears took care of business this past Sunday, and route to a mega showdown against the Green Bay Packers at Solder Field. I was pretty confident coming into this Divisional game based off what I saw from the last match-up. This time around the Seahawks didn't blitzes as much, but when they did the Bears was able to pick it up and take advantage. The offensive line played at a high level against Seattle often giving Jay Cutler a solid pocket to step into and deliver the football. The receivers also held up their end of the bargain by getting open and making catches.

The surprise for me was Mike Martz comfort to use Greg Olsen and Kellen Davis in the receiving game. I thought with this being a Playoff game that Martz would use a heavy dose of the Receivers. That to me showed that Mike is willing to do whatever it takes to get to Dallas and win a Super Bowl.

Johnny Knox Grade B-

Where I thought Knox was most effective in last Sunday game was finding the open spot in zone. Kelly Jennings didn't do so well against Knox in man to man, but he almost took one to the house because Knox inability to get inside position in the red zone. A lot of experts jumped on Cutler for that one, but that Wide Receiver 1 on 1. When you are running a slant, you never let the defender get inside position. Johnny needs to learn this if he wants to ever be one of the better receivers in the league.

Devin Hester and Earl Bennett Grade C+

This grade is much Earl than it is Devin as Hester was invisible for much of that game from a receiver perspective. Earl Bennett however continues to be Jay's go to man in the passing game. Yes he only caught 1 catch, but he did his job effectively on hot reads.

Greg Olsen and Kellen Davis Grade A

Olsen was the star of the game. After getting ripped apart by Troy Aikman in the last game of the season versus the Packers, he shut Aikman up this past Sunday by showing him that he's definitely a weapon at the tight end position. Davis did a great job in pass protection, and he got rewarded with a 39 yard touchdown pass. This should get fans excited if Martz plans on using the 6-7 tight end more in the passing offense this Sunday against the Packers. Davis certainly brings another dimension to the passing game with his size and decent speed to go along with it.

Matt Forte Grade A

Forte as expected didn't disappoint. He ran the ball well, but was also a weapon in the passing game. As pointed out last week, Forte's play this post season is critical. This offense needs that kind of performance for Forte this Sunday and maybe a little more against Dom Capers defense.