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The Bears Den: January 19th, 2011 Edition

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Where we sling news stories like free loaves of bread in...ah, nevermind.

Bears must protect Cutler from rushers - At this time last year, if you'd told me that the Bears would have a 7th round rookie whose performance would be one of the most crucial in the NFCCG, I would have laughed at you. The kind of laugh when you see someone slip on ice, and you want to say "are you ok?" but it just comes out as general snickering.

Protecting Aaron Rodgers will be key for Green Bay in NFC championship game - Hey, look, a theme.

Underdog Chicago Bears stack up well in NFL's final four - Every team left is beatable. It's up to the Bears to not do themselves in.

Re-Focused: Divisional Round, Seahawks at Bears - PFF takes another look at the game, and draws out the notable perfromances.

Anthem encore: Cornelison will sing Sunday - Jim Cornelison should sing everything always.

Did you know? Following WCG on Twitter is not unlike having a unicorn who makes deep dish pizza. It's AWESOME.

Chicago Bears need vintage Tommie Harris - More games like the last one, please.

Bears-Packers Matchups Part 3: The defenses - Moon's breaking it down. I'm constantly amazed at the amount of football knowledge this guy drops on us every day.

Brian Mitchell thinks Chicago Bears' Devin Hester belongs in Hall of Fame - And who are we to argue with Brian Mitchell?

Lester wrote about some stuff over here.

Bears sign QB Gutierrez - To a futures contract. So, don't expect to ever actually see Guiterrez do anything of note.

Quick Reads: Divisional Round - Football Outsider talks about Rodgers and ranks the QBs.

Dane did it, so I'm doing it too, but I'm taking it old school: