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The Bears Den: January 20th, 2011 Edition

...where we're not so sure we have quite as much confidence in Webb as Martz does.

Cutler is performing at a very high level - You could say he's performing at a Championship Level.

Until Jay Cutler gets a Super Bowl ring, no ads - I still haven't figured out why some people want to make this a bad thing.

What part of 'Shut up' don't some Bears fans understand? - At first, I thought I'd be mad at this Rosencolumn, but then I realized I totally agree with him.

Moon: Who said Martz doesn't use the tight end? - Not Martz. He loves the tight end. And he's not at all mad about throwing the ball 15 yards down the field instead of 50.

Little Orphan Annie says Drink More Ovaltine Follow WCG on Twitter.

Chicago Bears put their trust in rookie J'Marcus Webb - Are they sure he didn't just eat it?


Jay Cutler now can meet Chicago Bears' great expectations - Cutler's life is really A Tale of Two Cities, where he has to overcome his own Moby Dick to balance the War & Peace that is the NFL. Beowulf.

Obama bound for Super Bowl if Bears advance - If I were the president, I'd go to every Super Bowl.

Hester returns plus takeaways is winning formula for Bears - This article just appeared on my computer with a note that said "Hey, this is for you. Love, the Obvious Zone"

NFC title game big for both QBs, but bigger for Cutler - Because if Rodgers loses, he's a great quarterback who got screwed somehow.

Unlike ‘85 Bears, this team excels by staying out of spotlight - Which is good. I'm pretty sure I'd be pissed if I saw Brandon Manumaleuna making music videos and acting like a cocky SOB. 

Rookie Webb gets tough assignment - Pick up blitzes. Don't get spun like a merry-go-round.

Bears can't allow big plays for Pack - If they're stretching this hard for article fillers now, how bad would it be in the two weeks up to the Bowl?

Don't expect weather to affect Rodgers - It's cold in Green Bay, too.

Bears WRs need to get physical - physical. I wanna get physical, let's get into physical.

Packers, Bears must focus on 3 key areas - What are they? Click to find out!
And now this is about to slap you in the face. Warning: at one point, Buddy Guy says the S-word kind of loudly, so don't listen to it in the company of people who get concerned by words that you can hear on late night cable or PG-13 movies: