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The Bears Den: Friday January 21st, 2011 Edition

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Stop reading the news clippings. You're small and you're going to be smaller every week. There ain't going to be no growth spurt between now and the game. You're going to use your minds! You're going to play with your heart! And that is what you're going to use to win the Championship.

Bears determined to generate takeaways - Get 'em.

Mike Ditka thinks his Chicago Bears are better now than the Green Bay Packers - 'Nuff said.

1985 Bears: Sporting News Champion - 'Nuff said.

Chicago Bears cornerback Charles Tillman the best at punching balls - This really wrote itself.

Getting back: Super Bowl loss is Bears' motivation - Well try not to do that again.

Twitter. Make it happen.

Check out these cupcakes from Crumbs, at 303 W. Madison, Chicago. They'll be available through Sunday, and if the Bears are successful, until the Super Bowl. I know someone who works there, and let me tell you--the cupcakes are AMAZING.

Undercover MVPs: Chicago Bears, Matt Forte - Hmm. An interesting perspective. The renewed running game is definitely the key to the team's late season success.

Special teams, Hester’s opportunities again are the X-factor - I seem to recall saying that yesterday.

Bears ought to dare Rodgers to beat them - Rosencolumn says there are other ways to get pressure on Rodgers besides hitting him.

D.J. Moore counts on steady play to avoid coach's stare - Play proud so you don't disappoint. I'll buy that.

Win Sunday would provide frozen-in-time moments - McNeil, who constantly poops on this team, says the win would be a watermark moment in history.

Experts choose Bears to win NFC title - Jensen talks to unidentified Lions and Vikings personnel. Nice to see other teams showing they respect the Bears.

History, heart, good fortune and, yes, talent = Bears win - Play hard, play smart, play 60.

Chicago Bears fans are ready for another party if they beat Green Bay Packers - Let's not get ahead of ourselves.

Cover 2? Not as much as you think - Maybe, just maybe, someday everyone will realize they pull a lot of different looks.

NFC Championship Rivalry Week - Kevin Knox writes a nice little piece.

WCG Writers in other Locations Corner

When Chicago Bears Are on Offense - Lester breaks down one side.

When the Chicago Bears Are on Defense - Then he breaks down the other.

Chicago Bears Keys to a Super Bowl XLV Appearance - Dane wrote about some stuff, too.

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