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For starters fire the Coaches and trade Jay Cutler!!! (Part 1)

Hello everybody!  I think I should start off by introducing myself, my name is "Da Meatball Kid".  You may recognize my moniker from my many phone calls into the Chicago sports radio scene where I frequently voice my displeasure about all things Chi-Town sports.  Locally I'm kind of a big deal!!!  And you may have also come across my opinionated way of thinking over on the Yahoo Sports message boards.  Over there I frequently am 1ST!!!

I managed to successfully hijack my way into the Windy City Gridiron website because some dope was writing away on a public computer and he forgot to sign out!  Silly hack!  LOL!  I guess that goes to show ya, always sign out because your loss might be my gain!!!  He was writing some stupid stuff about how the Bears are still set up to be a good team next year.  OK, um WHO CARES!  Anyways, take a ride with me after the jump and I'll school you on how it is around the Chicago Bears and why it's time to move on and rebuild!

Jay Cutler is a quitter.  Back when I played in highschool I played all season with a severely sprained coccyx.  I took a shot to the tailbone during two-a-days and it never did feel right.  But I played my butt off all season long!!!  You would have had to hold me down to keep me out of the game!  If it weren't for the damn eligibility rules I wouldn't have missed any games at all!  It's not even the worst thing that Cutler quit, it's that he was just standing around when he should have been firing up his team!  Back when I missed those 7 games because of my low GPA I was still on the sideline high fiving and butt slapping my teammates to keep them ready!  I was a leader, and if you questioned my leadership abilities I'd just yell even louder!  Basically I'd like some more fire and passion from my QB!  Not some smug jerk-face!

And speaking of the QB situation in Chicago, it's time to let Caleb Hanie take the rains.  He looked real good out there!  I know he had those 2 ints, but just imagine if he'd have had more reps during the week, the Bears would have won the game!!!  The dumb coaches should have realized after Hanie outplayed Cutler in the preseason that he should be starting.  And what happened to Dan LeFevour?  That kid was a PLAYER!!!  He's a local kid that should be brought back to compete next year.

And I'm not finished yet!  You want to know what I think about the Bears coaching staff??  You'll have to wait until later... (actually you can now click here for part 2) I've got a WoW tournament to finsh...

C-YA!!!  Da Meatball Kid is out!!!