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The Bears Den: January 25, 2010

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...where we love reading FanPosts, but ask that you bring something new to the table if you are going to write one.  In other words, we really don't need a dozen Cutler FanPosts that all basically say the same thing.

Lovie Smith speaks up and defends his starting QB from critics

David Haugh: "The reaction got so irrational that when it was announced that an appeals court had knocked Rahm Emanuel off the mayoral ballot, I expected to hear Deion Sanders tweet that Emanuel quit on the city of Chicago."

Jerry Angelo says that the team will work hard to get Lovie Smith a contract extension.

An orthopaedic surgeon weighs in on the injury to Cutler.

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Dan Pompei breaks down the film from the final Bears game of the season.

Jerry Angelo talks about how Chicago is a tough city for a QB.

Man loses his job for wearing a Packers tie to work.

Chad and TO square off on the Jay Cutler controversy.

One of our favorite Team Reports, courtesy of the USA Today.

A great look at the man behind the scenes in Green Bay.

Who will and will not play in the Pro Bowl from the NFC North.

A look at the All Pro players from the NFC North.

Rick Morrissey says critics of Cutler crossed the line.

Dave Kaplan says that Cutler criticism is part of a larger issue.

Warren Sapp offers his support of Cutler on the Dan Ptrick Show.

DVOA Ratings from the Conference Championship Games.

Pro Football Focus has their Refocused article on the Bears-Packers game.


And, my personal touch to today's Den-