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For starters fire the Coaches and trade Jay Cutler!!! (Part 2)

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For (Part 1) of the gospel according to Da Meatball Kid click here, and that link will pop like Jay Cutler's MCL!!! LOL!!! QUITTER!!!

First off to answer your most pressing question, YES!!! I did win my WoW tournament!!! I'm kind of a big deal in that realm as well! And now to the matter at hand. Take the jump and I'll give you the rest of the TRUTH!!!

And those stupid coaches!!! It's time to move on! I want my coach to spit when he screams and to spew some cussing at the players! Some one with the fire and the passion, not some robot like Lovie Smith! I don't give a damn if the players like or respect their coach, I hated my coach in highschool, that's what these pampered primadonna athletes need. Someone to get in their face and tell them like it is! It's not to late to hire Mike Singletary on as Head Coach. Get a guy in here that won't put up with any BS and someone that will kick some butt!!!

I know the Bears ended up running the ball more as the season went on, but Mike Martz is gonna go back to his stupid 7 step drop ways next year, I just know it! Pink slip him and bring in a run the ball down your throat type coordinator.

And get a defensive coordinator in here that will BLITZ!!! Back in highschool we ran a 4-4 stack defense and we blitzed on every play! Teams hated playing us, we may not have won much but teams knew they were in a game after beating us.

It's time to scrap the entire enchilada and rebuild! I know I can do a better job than Jerry Angelo! The last 7 years straight I've finished in the top 5 each year in my fantasy league. And on Madden I always rebuild the Bears into a Juggernaut on franchise mode! If I can be that good in those two team building simulations, imagine what I could do with the money and resources of a pro team!!! Maybe bring on Mike Ditka as an adviser to oversee football operations, then I'd be unstoppable!!!

Truth has been told, you fools have been schooled!!! And you scrubs will never see me around here again, I gotta gig writing at Bleacher Report!!! C-YA!!! Da Meatball Kid is out!!!