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Gale Sayers on Lovie Smith - Part 2

I had the honor of interviewing Chicago Bear legend and Hall of Famer Gale Sayers. He is helping Van Heusen and JCPenney with their Fan Choice vote for the Hall of Fame this year. Over the coming week, I'll be sharing some of the thoughts he has on a myriad of topics.

Next up, I asked Mr. Sayers about Coach Lovie Smith. His comments may surprise you.

WCG: This could be the second Super Bowl that Coach Lovie Smith has taken the Bears to in 5 years. Where do you think he ranks in the history of Bears coaches?

Gale Sayers: I think any time you win a Super Bowl or go to two Super Bowls, they are going to put you up past some people. George Halas didn't get a chance to play in a Super bowl, but won a lot of championships in his day. Dikta won one in his day. That's about it.

Would it put him up above a Mike Ditka or George Halas, which didn't have that back when I played. When I was playing, I retired when the first SB was playing. I didn't get a chande to do anything like that.

He has been a good coach, if he wins the Super Bowl. I think they will have to put him at the top of the list if he can do it.


It is a bit shocking to comprehend, when he says to put him at the top. Seeing anybody over Da Coach and Papa Bear just isn't something most of us are ready to consider. On the other hand, he has been our coach for 7 years now and is most likely going to get an extension. Given our team is in good shape and if we can shore up some spots, we should be a contender for a while, he is going to rack up the wins and will be passing names on that list. If he can continue to get us to the Super Bowl and hopefully win some, who knows how people will start seeing him?